The Danes in Lancashire and Yorkshire

The Danes in Lancashire and Yorkshire

By S. W. Partington
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Danes in Lancashire
  • Invasion and Conquest
  • CHAPTER I. Invasion and Conquest.
    • Local Names.
  • Settlements
  • CHAPTER II. Settlements.
    • The Battle of Brunanburh. Was it Fought in Lancashire?
    • Descriptions of Battles from the Map.
    • The Dyke or Dykes, Broadclough, Bacup.
  • Place-Names
  • CHAPTER III. Place-Names.
    • Yorkshire.
    • A Norse Festival.
  • Patronymics
  • CHAPTER IV. Patronymics.
    • English Surnames.
    • On Dialect in Lancashire and Yorkshire.
    • An Illustration.
  • Physical Types Still Existing
  • CHAPTER V. Physical Types Still Existing.
  • Political Freemen
  • CHAPTER VI. Political Freemen
    • Abolition of Slavery.
    • Invasion and Settlement.
  • Husbandry
  • CHAPTER VII. Husbandry.
  • Stone Crosses
  • CHAPTER IX. Stone Crosses.
    • Stone Crosses.
    • North Lancashire Relics.
    • Other Ancient Remains.
    • Some Human Remains.
    • The Halton Cross.
    • Illustration of Hog-back Stone.
    • Anglo-Danish Monuments.
  • Runes
  • CHAPTER X. Runes.
    • Runic Almanacs.
    • Explanation of the Clog Almanac.
    • Runic Calendar.
    • This English (?) or Norwegian Runic Calendar is dated about A.D. 1000–1100.
  • Memorials
  • CHAPTER XI. Memorials.
  • Literature
  • CHAPTER XII. Literature.
    • Ballads and War Songs.
    • Lay of the Norse Gods and Heroes.
    • Art.
    • The Viking Age.
    • Norse and Danish Grave Mounds.
  • Mythology
  • CHAPTER XIII. Mythology.
    • Mythical Gods.
  • Superstitions
  • CHAPTER XIV. Superstitions.
    • The Helm Wind.
  • Agriculture
  • CHAPTER XV. Agriculture.
    • Danish Agriculture.
    • Crops Diminishing.
    • National Savings.
    • Cost of Agricultural Education.
    • Occupying Ownership.
    • Supply of Wheat. Strides in the Scale of Living.
  • Transcriber's Notes
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