The Pilots of Pomona: A Story of the Orkney Islands

The Pilots of Pomona: A Story of the Orkney Islands

By Robert Leighton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Pilots of Pomona, by Robert Leighton
    • E-text prepared by Martin Robb
  • The Pilots Of Pomona:
    • A Story of the Orkney Islands
    • Chapter I. In Which I Am Late For School.
    • Chapter II. Andrew Drever's School
    • Chapter III. A Half Holiday.
    • Chapter IV. Sandy Ericson, Pilot.
    • Chapter V. The Hen Harrier.
    • Chapter VI. "Better Gear Than Rats."
    • Chapter VII. What The Shingle Revealed.
    • Chapter VIII. Dividing The Spoil.
    • Chapter IX. Captain Gordon.
    • Chapter X. The Dominie Explains.
    • Chapter XI. My Sister Jessie.
    • Chapter XII. A Tragedy And A Transportation.
    • Chapter XIII. In Which I Receive A Present.
    • Chapter XIV. Thora.
    • Chapter XV. In Which The Viking's Amulet Is Proved.
    • Chapter XVI. Wherein I Go A-Fishing.
    • Chapter XVII. How The Golden Rule Was Kept.
    • Chapter XVIII. The Wreck Of The "Undine."
    • Chapter XIX. Tom Kinlay's Bargain.
    • Chapter XX. The Opposition Boat.
    • Chapter XXI. The Rescue.
    • Chapter XXII. After The Accident.
    • Chapter XXIII. Gray's Inn.
    • Chapter XXIV. Carver Kinlay's Success.
    • Chapter XXV. A Family Removal.
    • Chapter XXVI. A Subterranean Adventure.
    • Chapter XXVII. A Family Misfortune.
    • Chapter XXVIII. Captain Flett Of The "Falcon."
    • Chapter XXIX. In Which The "Falcon" Sets Sail.
    • Chapter XXX. An Orcadian Voyage.
    • Chapter XXXI. An Arctic Waif.
    • Chapter XXXII. The Last Of The "Pilgrim."
    • Chapter XXXIII. The Light In The Gaulton Cave.
    • Chapter XXXIV. Colin Lothian Makes An Accusation.
    • Chapter XXXV. A Search And A Discovery.
    • Chapter XXXVI. Trapped In The Cave.
    • Chapter XXXVII. In Which I Am Put Under Arrest.
    • Chapter XXXVIII. Accused Of Murder.
    • Chapter XXXIX. An Unprofessional Inquiry.
    • Chapter XL. Ephraim Quendale.
    • Chapter XLI. The Last Of The Kinlays.
    • Chapter XLII. A Choice Among Three.
    • Chapter XLIII. Thora's Answer.
    • Notes.
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