Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (5 of 12) Henrie the Second

By Raphael Holinshed
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • A letter of the king touching the pacification betweene him and Thomas Becket.
    • A breefe extract or clause of a letter which the pope sent to the clergie of England, &c. for the making of a new holie daie.
    • A letter of yoong king Henrie touching the disappointment of archbishop Richards consecration.
    • The charter conteining the articles of the peace and agreement concluded betwixt the two kings, which was read in S. Peters church at the same time, exemplified as followeth.
    • [167] The charter of the agreement was written and subscribed in forme as followeth.
    • The tenour of the French kings letters of protection.
    • A letter of Geffrey the kings base sonne elect of Lincolne to Richard archbishop of Canturburie,
    • Epitaphium in Henricum secundum regem mortuum & hîc sepultum
    • Aliud.
    • An epitaph vpon king Henrie the second dead and heere intoomed.
    • An other.
    • Transcriber's notes
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