Primary Social Studies for Antigua and Barbuda: Student’s Book Grade 3
Anthea S Thomas
Primary Social Studies for Antigua and Barbuda: Student’s Book Grade 3
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Collins Antigua Primary Social Studies has been specially written by a local teacher to meet the needs of local schools, teachers and students. The books in this series provide full coverage of the primary social studies syllabus for Antigua and Barbuda, with engaging illustrations and activities to keep students interested and to help them learn. Collins Antigua Primary Social Studies provides everything teachers need for the Antigua and Barbuda social studies syllabus at primary level. This course has been specially developed by an extremely experienced local teacher who truly understands the needs of primary students and how to keep them engaged and interested in learning. It provides a skills-based approach to learning fully set in local contexts to allow students to develop tools and skills for learning and a wider knowledge of their own island and the Caribbeana.

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1 Reading maps
About Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean region
Points on a compass
The parishes in Antigua
Using a legend on a map
Physical features in Antigua and Barbuda
Historical sites in Antigua and Barbuda
2 Our cultural heritage
What is culture?
Earliest inhabitants of Antigua
Other settlers
Ethnic groups and nationalities
Local traditions and customs
Local dialect
Importance of preserving our culture
3 Government and leaders
What is a leader?
What makes a good leader?
Responsibilities of leaders
How are leaders chosen?
What is a government?
4 The natural environment
Types of maps
The natural landscape
Natural disasters
Man-made disasters
How can we protect the environment better?
5 Our communities
Factors affecting population density
Population distribution
6 Natural resources
Natural resources
Renewable resources
Non-renewable resources
Endangered animals in Antigua and Barbuda
7 Industries
What is ‘industry’?
Types of industry
Industries in Antigua and Barbuda
Links between industries
Workers in an industry
8 Trade
What is trade?
Why countries need to trade
Supply and demand
Communication and transportation
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