Immigrant and Refugee Families
Co-edited with equal contribution by Jaime Ballard
Politics & Social Sciences
Immigrant and Refugee Families
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Immigrant and Refugee Families: Global Perspectives on Displacement and Resettlement Experiences offers an interdisciplinary perspective on immigrant and refugee families' challenges and resilience across multiple domains, including economic, political, health, and human rights.
ISBN: 978-1-946135-01-8

Title Page
Table Of Contents
About the Co-Editors
Chapter 1: Immigration and Immigrant Policy: Barriers and Opportunities for Families
1.1 Immigration Policy
1.2 Current Immigration Policy
1.3 Opportunities and Barriers for Immigrant Families
1.4 Future Directions
1.5 Conclusion
1.6 References
1.7 Appendices
Chapter 2: From There to Here: The Journey of Refugee Families to the United States
2.1 Fleeing Persecution and Separation from Family
2.2 Travel to Temporary Refuge
2.3 Family Admittance to the United States
2.4 Entering the United States
2.5 Future Directions in Policy and Refugee Family Support
2.6 Conclusion
2.7 References
2.8 Appendix
Chapter 3: Human Rights
3.1 What are Human Rights?
3.2 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
3.3 The Status of Human in the United States
3.4 Emerging Directions
3.5 Conclusion
3.6 References
Chapter 4: Economic Well-Being, Supports and Barriers
4.1 Employment
4.2 Access to Necessities
4.3 Financial Problems
4.4 Future Directions
4.5 Conclusion
4.6 References
Chapter 5: Mental Health
5.1 Different Shared Experiences
5.2 Mental Health Challenges
5.3 Mental Health Treatments
5.4 Emerging Directions
5.5 Conclusion
5.6 References
Chapter 6: Intimate Partner Violence among Immigrants and Refugees
6.1 Defining IPV
6.2 IPV Among Immigrants and Refugees
6.3 Risk and Protective Factors
6.4 Responses to IPV
6.5 Barriers to Help Seeking
6.6 Future Directions
6.7 Case Study
6.8 Conclusion
6.9 References
Chapter 7: Substance Abuse
7.1 Substance Abuse Prevalence
7.2 Risk Factors
7.3 Family Influences on Substance Abuse
7.4 Theoretical Frameworks
7.5 Policy On Legal Consequences of Substance Use
7.6 Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
7.7 Conclusion
7.8 References
Chapter 8: Resilience in Immigrant and Refugee Families
8.1 Family Motivation: Value of Work and Education
8.2 Family Connectedness and Identity
8.3 Role of Resources in Achieving Aspirations
8.4 Emerging Directions
8.5 Conclusion
8.6 References
Chapter 9: Embracing a New Home: Resettlement Research and the Family
9.1 Assimilation
9.2 Family Theories: A New Direction for Research with Resettled Populations
9.3 Critical Theories
9.4 Cultural Values to Consider in Resettlement Research
9.5 Future Directions
9.6 Conclusion
9.7 References
Chapter 10: Conclusion
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