forall x

forall x

By P.D. Magnus
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • What is logic?
    • Arguments
    • Sentences
    • Two ways that arguments can go wrong
    • Deductive validity
    • Other logical notions
    • Formal languages
    • Practice Exercises
  • Sentential logic
    • Sentence letters
    • Connectives
    • Other symbolization
    • Sentences of SL
    • Practice Exercises
  • Truth tables
    • Truth-functional connectives
    • Complete truth tables
    • Using truth tables
    • Partial truth tables
    • Practice Exercises
  • Quantified logic
    • From sentences to predicates
    • Building blocks of QL
    • Quantifiers
    • Translating to QL
    • Sentences of QL
    • Identity
    • Practice Exercises
  • Formal semantics
    • Semantics for SL
    • Interpretations and models in QL
    • Semantics for identity
    • Working with models
    • Truth in QL
    • Practice Exercises
  • Proofs
    • Basic rules for SL
    • Derived rules
    • Rules of replacement
    • Rules for quantifiers
    • Rules for identity
    • Proof strategy
    • Proof-theoretic concepts
    • Proofs and models
    • Soundness and completeness
    • Practice Exercises
  • Other symbolic notation
  • Solutions to selected exercises
  • C Quick Reference
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