The Simple Math of Writing Well

The Simple Math of Writing Well

By Dr. Jennie A. Harrop
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Book Description

Writing guides abound, but The Simple Math of Writing Well is one of a kind. Readers will find its practical approach affirming, encouraging, and informative, and its focus on the basics of linguistic structure releases 21st-century writers to embrace the variety of mediums that define our internet-connected world. As Harrop reminds us in the opening chapters of her book, we write more today than ever before in history: texts, emails, letters, blogs, reports, social media posts, proposals, etc. The Simple Math of Writing Well is the first guide that directly addresses the importance of writing well in the Google age.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Table Of Contents
  • About the Book
  • Reviewers' Notes
  • Preface: Writing as Simple Math
  • Introduction: Myths and Rule Changes
  • The Sentence Equation
    • Main Verbs
    • Main Subjects
    • Terminal Punctuation Marks
    • Mid-Sentence Punctuation Marks
    • Eight Parts of Speech
    • Consistency
  • The Paragraph Equation
    • Topic Sentences
    • Evidence
    • Summary Sentences
  • The Essay Equation
    • Thesis Statements
    • Introductions
    • Body Paragraphs
    • Conclusions
  • The Process of Writing Well
    • Purpose
    • Audience
    • Voice
    • Context
    • Claims and Appeals
    • Clarity and Cohesion
    • Revision and Creativity
  • Research
    • Finding Credible Evidence
    • Including Outside Evidence
  • Academic Formatting
    • APA
    • MLA
    • Turabian
  • Beyond Academia
    • Emails
    • Letters
    • Reports and Proposals
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author
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