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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
    • Symbols and Terms
    • Reference Works
    • Grammatical Terms
    • Ancient Literature
  • Introduction
    • 1. Ovid and His Times
    • 2. Ovid’s Literary Progression: Elegy to Epic
    • 3. The Metamorphoses: A Literary Monstrum
      • 3a. Genre Matters
      • 3b. A Collection of Metamorphic Tales
      • 3c. A Universal History
      • 3d. Anthropological Epic
      • 3e. A Reader’s Digest of Greek and Latin Literature
    • 4. Ovid’s Theban Narrative
    • 5. The Set Text: Pentheus and Bacchus
      • 5a. Sources and Intertexts
      • 5b. The Personnel of the Set Text
    • 6. The Bacchanalia and Roman Culture
  • Text
  • Commentary
    • 511–26 Tiresias’ Warning to Pentheus
    • 527–71 Pentheus’ Rejection of Bacchus
      • 531–63 Pentheus’ Speech
    • 572–691 The Captive Acoetes and his Tale
    • 692–733 Pentheus’ Gruesome Demise
  • Appendices
    • 1. Versification
    • 2. Glossary of Rhetorical and Syntactic Figures
  • Bibliography
    • Editions, Translations, Commentaries
    • Other Literature
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