The Bab Ballads

The Bab Ballads

By W. S. (William Schwenck) Gilbert
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Table of Contents
  • The Bab Ballads, by W. S. Gilbert
    • Captain Reece
    • The Rival Curates
    • Only A Dancing Girl
    • General John
    • To A Little Maid—By A Policeman
    • John And Freddy
    • Sir Guy The Crusader
    • Haunted
    • The Bishop And The ’Busman
    • The Troubadour
    • Ferdinando And Elvira; Or, The Gentle Pieman
    • Lorenzo De Lardy
    • Disillusioned—By An Ex-Enthusiast
    • Babette’s Love
    • To My Bride—(Whoever She May Be)
    • The Folly Of Brown—By A General Agent
    • Sir Macklin
    • The Yarn Of The “Nancy Bell”
    • The Bishop Of Rum-Ti-Foo
    • The Precocious Baby.  A Very True Tale
    • To Phoebe
    • Baines Carew, Gentleman
    • Thomas Winterbottom Hance
    • The Reverend Micah Sowls
    • A Discontented Sugar Broker
    • The Pantomime “Super” To His Mask
    • The Force Of Argument
    • The Ghost, The Gallant, The Gael, And The Goblin
    • The Phantom Curate.  A Fable
    • The Sensation Captain
    • Tempora Mutantur
    • At A Pantomime.  By A Bilious One
    • King Borria Bungalee Boo
    • The Periwinkle Girl
    • Thomson Green And Harriet Hale
    • Bob Polter
    • The Story Of Prince Agib
    • Ellen McJones Aberdeen
    • Peter The Wag
    • Ben Allah Achmet;—Or, The Fatal Tum
    • The Three Kings Of Chickeraboo
    • Joe Golightly—Or, The First Lord’s Daughter
    • To The Terrestrial Globe.  By A Miserable Wretch
    • Gentle Alice Brown
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