Bret Harte
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East and West: Poems
East and West Poems.
Part I.
Part II.
Part I.
A Greyport Legend.
A Newport Romance.
The Hawk's Nest.
In the Mission Garden.
The Old Major Explains.
(Re-Union Army of the Potomac, 12th May, 1871.)
Mr. Interviewer Interviewed.
His Answer to "Her Letter."
Reported by Truthful James.
Further Language from Truthful James.
(Nye's Ford, Stanislaus.)
The Wonderful Spring of San Joaquin.
On a Cone of the Big Trees.
Sequoia Gigantea.
A Sanitary Message.
The Copperhead.
On a Pen of Thomas Starr King.
Lone Mountain.
(Cemetery, San Francisco.)
California's Greeting to Seward.
The Two Ships.
The Goddess.
For the Sanitary Fair.
Opening of the California Theatre, San Francisco, Jan. 19, 1870
The Lost Galleon.
A Second Review of the Grand Army.
Part II.
Before the Curtain.
The Stage-Driver's Story.
Aspiring Miss de Laine.
A Chemical Narrative.
California Madrigal.
On the Approach of Spring.
St. Thomas.
A Geographical Survey.
The Ballad of Mr. Cooke.
A Legend of the Cliff House, San Francisco.
The Legends of the Rhine.
Mrs. Judge Jenkins.
[Being the Only Genuine Sequel to "Maud Muller."]
An Aerial Retrospect.
A White-Pine Ballad.
What the Wolf Really Said to Little Red Riding-Hood.
The Ritualist.
A Moral Vindicator.
Songs Without Sense.
For the Parlor and Piano.
I.—The Personified Sentimental.
II.—The Homely Pathetic.
III.—Swiss Air.
I.—The Personified Sentimental.
II.—The Homely Pathetic.
III.—Swiss Air.
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