Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers
Louis Raemaekers
Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers
List of Cartoons and the Descriptive Notes
An Appreciation from the Prime Minister
Christendom After Twenty Centuries
A Stable Peace
The Massacre of the Innocents
From Liège to Aix-La-Chapelle
Spoils for the Victors
The Very Stones Cry Out
Satan's Partner
Thrown to the Swine
The Land Mine
"For Your Motherland"
The German Loan
Europe, 1916
The Next to Be Kicked Out—Dumba's Master
The Friendly Visitor
"To Your Health, Civilization!"
Fox Tirpitz Preaching to the Geese
The Prisoners
It's Unbelievable
Kreuzland, Kreuzland Über Alles
The Ex-convict
Miss Cavell
The Hostages
King Albert's Answer to the Pope
The Gas Fiend
The German Tango
The Zeppelin Triumph
Keeping Out the Enemy
The German Offer
The Wolf Trap
Ahasuerus II.
Our Candid Friend
Peace and Intervention
Little Red Riding Hood
The Sea Mine
Murder on the High Seas
Ad Finem
Mater Dolorosa
"Gott Strafe Italien!"
"Just a Moment—I'm Coming"
The Holy War
"Gott Mit Uns"
The Widows of Belgium
The Harvest Is Ripe
The Great Surprise
Thou Art the Man!
The Refugees
"The Junker"
"Milieu De Fantômes Tristes Et Sans Nombre"
Bluebeard's Chamber
The Raid
Better a Living Dog Than a Dead Lion
"The Burden of the Intolerable Day"
Eagle in Hen-run
The Future
Christ or Odin?
Michael and the Marks
Their Beresina
New Peace Offers
The Shields of Rosselaere
The Obstinacy of Nicholas
The Order of Merit
The Marshes of Pinsk
God With Us
Ferdinand the Chameleon
The Latin Sisters
Prosperity Reigns in Flanders
The Last Hohenzollern
"Weeping, She Hath Wept"
Military Necessity
Liberté! Liberté, Chérie!
I—"A Knavish Piece of Work"
II—"Sisyphus,—His Stone"
Concrete Foundations
Pallas Athene
The Wonders of Culture
Folk Who Do Not Understand Them
On the Way to Calais
Von Bethmann-Hollweg and Truth
Van Tromp and De Ruyter
War and Christ
Barbed Wire
The Higher Politics
The Loan Game
A War of Rapine
The Dutch Junkers
The War Makers
The Christmas of Kultur, A.D. 1915
The Last of the Race
The Curriculum
The Dutch Journalist to His Belgian Confrère
A Bored Critic
"The Peace Woman"
The Self-satisfied Burgher
The Decadent
Liquid Fire
Nish and Paris
Gott Strafe England!
The Pacificist Kaiser (The Confederates)
"Hesperia" (Wounded First)
The Beginning of the Expiation
The Shirkers
One of the Kaiser's Many Mistakes
Belgium in Holland
Jackals in the Political Field
A Letter from the German Trenches
His Master's Voice
Hun Generosity
Easter, 1915
Pan Germanicus as Peace Maker
Gott Mit Uns
Our Lady of Antwerp
The German Band
Arcades Ambo
"Is It You, Mother?"
The Fate of Flemish Art at the Hands of Kultur
The Graves of All His Hopes
"My Sixth Son Is Now Lying Here—Where Are Yours?"
Gott Strafe Verdun
The Last Throw
The Zeppelin Bag
"Come in, Michael, I Have Had a Long Sleep"
Five on a Bench
What About Peace, Lads?
The Liberators
Tom Thumb and the Giant
"We Have Finished Off the Russians"
Muddle Through
My Enemy Is My Best Friend
How I Deal With the Small Fry
The Two Eagles
London—Inside the Savoy
London—Outside the Savoy
The Invocation
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