Journey to the Promised Land

Journey to the Promised Land

By Unknown
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Book Description

The project of decolonization in the Caribbean is an ongoing one. The emergence of Caribbean theological reflection and the development of Caribbean Theology has naturally been part and parcel of the growing consciousness of Caribbean identity that began in the 1960s. Initially stymied by influences from the North that wrongly identified the movement as Liberation Theology with the attendant tentacles of socialism, Neville W. deSouza was the outspoken 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands whose expressions of the role of the church and the state and the alignment of the church with the working class, the people, rather than elite, to bring about social change, gave voice to the indigenization of the Church in Jamaica.In Journey to the Promised Land, Howard K.A. Gregory presents deSouza’s Synod sermons between 1980 and 2000. Delivered during a socially and economically tumultuous time in Jamaica’s contemporary history, deSouza brought theological and biblical reflection on the challenges facing the country and the mission to which the Church and the nation were called. Two decades later, the messages still resonate and reflect the depth of Bishop deSouza’s theological reflection.The Bishop rarely spoke from a prepared text and so this collection has been prepared from recordings of deSouza’s addresses. Eloquently contextualized by Gregory’s introduction and Epilogue, the work is further enhanced by Professor Patrick Bryan’s biographical sketch making Journey to the Promised Land a welcomed addition to the burgeoning work in not only Caribbean Theology, but also in Black Theology and Feminist Theology and Caribbean studies generally.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Prologue: A Biographical Sketch:
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Bishop Neville deSouza: Church and Nation
  • CHAPTER ONE The One Hundred and Tenth Synod
  • CHAPTER TWO The One Hundred and Eleventh Synod
  • CHAPTER THREE The One Hundred and Twelfth Synod
  • CHAPTER FOUR The One Hundred and Thirteenth Synod
  • CHAPTER FIVE The One Hundred and Fourteenth Synod
  • CHAPTER SIX The One Hundred and Fifteenth Synod
  • CHAPTER SEVEN The One Hundred and Seventeenth Synod
  • CHAPTER EIGHT The One Hundred and Eighteenth Synod
  • CHAPTER NINE The One Hundred and Nineteenth Synod
  • CHAPTER TEN The One Hundred and Twentieth Synod
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN The One Hundred and Twenty-first Synod
  • CHAPTER TWELVE The One Hundred and Twenty-second Synod
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-third Synod
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Synod
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Synod
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Synod
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Synod
  • CHAPTER EIGHTEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Synod
  • CHAPTER NINETEEN The One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Synod
  • CHAPTER TWENTY The One Hundred and Thirtieth Synod
  • Epilogue
  • References
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