Frank on the Prairie

Frank on the Prairie

By Harry Castlemon
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents.
  • CHAPTER I. Ho for the West!
  • CHAPTER II. The Wagon Train.
  • CHAPTER III. Antelope Hunting.
  • CHAPTER IV. The Best Trapper on the Prairie.
  • CHAPTER V. A Fight with the Indians.
  • CHAPTER VI. Lost on the Prairie.
  • CHAPTER VII. The Trapper’s Reminiscence.
  • CHAPTER VIII. The “Ole Bar’s Hole.”
  • CHAPTER IX. Archie’s Adventure with a Grizzly.
  • CHAPTER X. Hanging a Bear.
  • CHAPTER XI. A Buffalo Hunt.
  • CHAPTER XII. A Night among the Wolves.
  • CHAPTER XIII. Frank’s New Acquaintances.
  • CHAPTER XIV. The Trader’s Expedition.
  • CHAPTER XV. The Outlaw’s Escape.
  • CHAPTER XVI. The King of the Drove.
  • CHAPTER XVII. How the Trapper got his Horse.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Old Bob’s Adventure.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Homeward Bound.
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