The Newcomes: Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family

By William Makepeace Thackeray
Book Description
Table of Contents
      • Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq.
    • Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq.
    • CHAPTER I. The Overture—After which the Curtain rises upon a Drinking Chorus
    • CHAPTER II. Colonel Newcome's Wild Oats
    • CHAPTER III. Colonel Newcome's Letter-box
    • CHAPTER IV. In which the Author and the Hero resume their Acquaintance
    • CHAPTER V. Clive's Uncles
    • CHAPTER VI. Newcome Brothers
    • CHAPTER VII. In which Mr. Clive's School-days are over
    • CHAPTER VIII. Mrs. Newcome at Home (a Small Early Party)
    • CHAPTER IX. Miss Honeyman's
    • CHAPTER X. Ethel and her Relations
    • CHAPTER XI. At Mrs. Ridley's
    • CHAPTER XII. In which everybody is asked to Dinner
    • CHAPTER XIII. In which Thomas Newcome sings his Last Song
    • CHAPTER XIV. Park Lane
    • CHAPTER XV. The Old Ladies
    • CHAPTER XVI. In which Mr. Sherrick lets his House in Fitzroy Square
    • CHAPTER XVII. A School of Art
    • CHAPTER XVIII. New Companions
    • CHAPTER XIX. The Colonel at Home
    • CHAPTER XX. Contains more Particulars of the Colonel and his Brethren
    • CHAPTER XXI. Is Sentimental, but Short
    • CHAPTER XXII. Describes a Visit to Paris; with Accidents and Incidents
    • CHAPTER XXIII. In which we hear a Soprano and a Contralto
    • CHAPTER XXIV. In which the Newcome Brothers once more meet together in
    • CHAPTER XXV. Is passed in a Public-house
    • CHAPTER XXVI. In which Colonel Newcome's Horses are sold
    • CHAPTER XXVII. Youth and Sunshine
    • CHAPTER XXVIII. In which Clive begins to see the World
    • CHAPTER XXIX. In which Barnes comes a-wooing
    • CHAPTER XXX. A Retreat
    • CHAPTER XXXI. Madame la Duchesse
    • CHAPTER XXXII. Barnes's Courtship
    • CHAPTER XXXIII. Lady Kew at the Congress
    • CHAPTER XXXIV. The End of the Congress of Baden
    • CHAPTER XXXV. Across the Alps
    • CHAPTER XXXVI. In which M. de Florac is promoted
    • CHAPTER XXXVII. Return to Lord Kew
    • CHAPTER XXXVIII. In which Lady Kew leaves his Lordship quite convalescent
    • CHAPTER XXXIX. Amongst the Painters
    • CHAPTER XL. Returns from Rome to Pall Mall
    • CHAPTER XLI. An Old Story
    • CHAPTER XLII. Injured Innocence
    • CHAPTER XLIII. Returns to some Old Friends
    • CHAPTER XLIV. In which Mr. Charles Honeyman appears in an Amiable Light
    • CHAPTER XLV. A Stag of Ten
    • CHAPTER XLVI. The Hotel de Florac
    • CHAPTER XLVII. Contains two or three Acts of a Little Comedy
    • CHAPTER XLVIII. In which Benedick is a Married Man
    • CHAPTER XLIX. Contains at least six more Courses and two Desserts
    • CHAPTER L. Clive in New Quarters
    • CHAPTER LI. An Old Friend
    • CHAPTER LII. Family Secrets
    • CHAPTER LIII. In which Kinsmen fall out
    • CHAPTER LIV. Has a Tragical Ending
    • CHAPTER LV. Barnes's Skeleton Closet
    • CHAPTER LVI. Rosa quo locorum sera moratur
    • CHAPTER LVII. Rosebury and Newcome
    • CHAPTER LVIII. "One more Unfortunate"
    • CHAPTER LIX. In which Achilles loses Briseis
    • CHAPTER LX. In which we write to the Colonel
    • CHAPTER LXI. In which we are introduced to a New Newcome
    • CHAPTER LXII. Mr. and Mrs. Clive Newcome
    • CHAPTER LXIII. Mrs. Clive at Home
    • CHAPTER LXIV. Absit Omen
    • CHAPTER LXV. In which Mrs. Clive comes into her Fortune
    • CHAPTER LXVI. In which the Colonel and the Newcome Athenaeum are both lectured
    • CHAPTER LXVII. Newcome and Liberty
    • CHAPTER LXVIII. A Letter and a Reconciliation
    • CHAPTER LXIX. The Election
    • CHAPTER LXX. Chiltern Hundreds
    • CHAPTER LXXI. In which Mrs. Clive Newcome's Carriage is ordered
    • CHAPTER LXXII. Belisarius
    • CHAPTER LXXIII. In which Belisarius returns from Exile
    • CHAPTER LXXIV. In which Clive begins the World
    • CHAPTER LXXV. Founder's Day at the Grey Friars
    • CHAPTER LXXVI. Christmas at Rosebury
    • CHAPTER LXXVII. The Shortest and Happiest in the Whole History
    • CHAPTER LXXVIII. In which the Author goes on a Pleasant Errand
    • CHAPTER LXXIX. In which Old Friends come together
    • CHAPTER LXXX. In which the Colonel says "Adsum" when his Name is called
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