Paradoxes and Problemes

Paradoxes and Problemes

By John Donne
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Table of Contents
  • Paradoxes and Problemes
  • The Contents
  • Bibliographical Note
  • Paradoxes
    • 1. A Defence of Womens Inconſtancy
    • 2. That Women ought to paint
    • 3. That by Diſcord things increaſe
    • 4. That good is more common then evill
    • 5. That all things kill themſelves
    • 6. That it is poſsible to find ſome vertue in ſome Women
    • 7. That Old men are more fantaſtike then Young
    • 8. That Nature is our worſt Guide
    • 9. That only Cowards dare dye
    • 10. That a Wiſe Man is knowne by much laughing
    • 11. That the gifts of the Body are better then thoſe of the Minde
    • 12. That Virginity is a Vertue
  • Problemes
    • 1. Why have Baſtards beſt Fortune?
    • 2. Why Puritanes make long Sermons?
    • 3. Why did the Divel reſerve Jeſuites till theſe latter dayes
    • 4. Why is there more variety of Green then of other Colours?
    • 5. Why doe young Lay-men ſo much ſtudy Divinity
    • 6. Why hath the common Opinion afforded Women Soules?
    • 7. Why are the Faireſt, Falſeſt?
    • 8. Why Venus-ſtar only doth caſt a ſhadow?
    • 9. Why is Venus-ſtar multinominous, called both Heſperus and Veſper
    • 10. Why are New Officers leaſt oppreſſing?
    • 11. Why does the Poxe ſo much affect to undermine the Noſe?
    • 12. Why die none for Love now?
    • 13. Why do Women delight much in Feathers?
    • 14. Why doth not Gold ſoyl the fingers?
    • 15. Why do great men of all dependants, chuſe to preſerve their little Pimps?
    • 16. Why are Courtiers ſooner Atheiſts then men of other conditions?
    • 17. Why are ſtateſmen moſt incredulous?
    • 18. Why was Sir Walter Raleigh thought the fitteſt Man, to write the Hiſtorie of theſe Times?
  • Characters
    • 1. The Character of a Scot at the first ſight
    • 2. The true Character of a Dunce
  • An Eſſay of Valour
  • Transcriber’s Note
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