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The Mathematics SBA Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide
Nathalie Stewart
Education & Teaching
The Mathematics SBA Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide
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For many students, the thought of a School-Based Assessment (SBA) for mathematics is terrifying. It doesn’t have to be. With this book, writing your School-Based Assessment for mathematics will be easy! Featuring examples of topics for every section of the syllabus, The Mathematics SBA Handbook will guide you from coming up with your own unique idea to typing maths symbols and statements in
Microsoft Word.

This guide walks you through each chapter of the SBA and details what information should be included in each one. With helpful examples and language that is easy to understand, The Mathematics SBA Handbook is the perfect companion for the student who may be feeling a bit intimidated by the prospect of writing an SBA but is willing to try, given gentle encouragement along the way.

Let The Mathematics SBA Handbook be your coach. Don’t wait until the end of the fifth form year – with The Mathematics SBA Handbook, you can start your
maths SBA today!

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Copyright Page
Don’t Panic!
Q & A
Can You Write?
Breaking it Down - Title Page
Project Title
Table of Contents
Method od Data Collection
Presentation of Data
Analysis of Data
Discussion of Findings
What Do You Love?
Choices, Choices!
Finishing Touches
Typing the Maths
Inserting Tables, Charts & Graphs
Working with Your Teacher
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