Boy Scouts in Glacier Park The Adventures of Two Young Easterners in the Heart of the High Rockies

Boy Scouts in Glacier Park The Adventures of Two Young Easterners in the Heart of the High Rockies

By Walter Prichard Eaton
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Table of Contents
  • Boy Scouts in Glacier Park
  • 13CHAPTER I—Joe Gets Bad News About His Lungs—His “Pipes,” as Spider Called Them
  • 21CHAPTER II—Joe Learns How Many Friends He Has, and Achieves a Tent to Sleep In
  • 32CHAPTER III—Spider Finds a Way to Get to the Rocky Mountains, to “Pump Joe’s Pipes Full of Ozone”
  • 43CHAPTER IV—Tom and Joe Cross the Continent With Their Faces Glued to the Car Window and Reach the Rocky Mountains
  • 54CHAPTER V—The Scouts Learn Why the Rocky Mountains Have No Foot-Hills and Arrive at Many Glacier
  • 63CHAPTER VI—Tom Becomes Boss of the Tepee Camp, and the Scouts Pitch Their Tent in the Evergreens
  • 73CHAPTER VII—Joe Gets Acquainted with Porcupines, the Diamond Hitch, and Switchback Trails
  • 93CHAPTER VIII—Joe Gets a Chance at Last to Go Out on a Trip as Camp Cook
  • 100CHAPTER IX—Over Piegan Pass to St. Mary Lake, Underneath the Precipices
  • 123CHAPTER X—The Ranger Tells a Grizzly Bear Story Before the Camp-Fire
  • 129CHAPTER XI—To Gunsight Lake, and Joe Falls Into a Crevasse on Blackfeet Glacier
  • 144CHAPTER XII—Over Gunsight to Lake McDonald, and Joe and Bob See a Grizzly at Close Range
  • 168CHAPTER XIII—In Avalanche Basin, Where Bob Learns that the Story of the Englishman’s Walk Before Breakfast Was No Joke
  • 177CHAPTER XIV—Up the Divide in a Rain, With a Lost Horse On the Way, and a Howling Snow-Storm At the Top
  • 189CHAPTER XV—Tom’s Chance for Adventure Comes Unexpectedly, Wearing Hobnail Shoes and Carrying a Rope
  • 203CHAPTER XVI—Tom Goes Up a Two Thousand Foot Wall, With an Alpine Rope, and Learns the Proper Way To Climb
  • 218CHAPTER XVII—Tom Sees Both Mountain Sheep and Goats Do Their Wild Leaps Down Dizzy Ledges
  • 232CHAPTER XVIII—Joe Gets Good News From the Doctor, And The Scouts Name Their Camp, “Camp Kent”
  • 240CHAPTER XIX—The Indian Pow-Wow—Tom and Joe Get Into The Squaw Dance
  • 250CHAPTER XX—The Scouts Start on a Trip Together at Last, To Climb Chief Mountain
  • 257CHAPTER XXI—The Climb Up the Tower of Chief Mountain, the Indian Relic on the Summit and An Eagle’s Nest
  • 268CHAPTER XXII—A Blizzard on Flat Top—The Camp is Christened “Valley Forge”
  • 276CHAPTER XXIII—Up To Chaney Glacier and the Discovery of a Three Thousand Foot Precipice
  • 283CHAPTER XXIV—The Boys Prepare for Winter in the Park, and Learn Why the Timber-Line Trees Are Only Three Feet Tall
  • 291CHAPTER XXV—Protecting the Deer Yards—The Scouts Wait in the Moonlight and Bag a Mountain Lion
  • 302CHAPTER XXVI—A Hundred Miles in Four Days, Over the Snow, Which is a Long Trip To Get Your Mail
  • 312CHAPTER XXVII—The Ranger and the Boys Get a Ride Down the Mountain on a Snow Avalanche, and Don’t Look for Another
  • 318CHAPTER XXVIII—Tom Starts on a Long Hike in the Deep Snow, Over the Divide, Risking Snow-Slides, to Save the Ranger’s Life
  • 322CHAPTER XXIX—Tom Tramps Down McDonald Creek in a Chinook Wind, and Reaches Shelter Almost Exhausted
  • 327CHAPTER XXX—Tom Gets Back with the Doctor, and Mills Pulls Through—Then the Scouts Have To Leave for Home
  • 334CHAPTER XXXI—Home Again—Joe’s Christmas Present to His Mother is Sound Health Again, and Tom Rejoices
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