Psychology for Cambridge International AS and A Level

Psychology for Cambridge International AS and A Level

By Craig Roberts
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Book Description

This comprehensive and stretching text supports students and teachers both in class and during assessment preparation. A student-centred approach with plenty of activities enhances the development of higher order research skills, supporting a strong start in higher level study. There is a clear focus on exam support within the book and via online access to additional resources to help students prepare thoroughly and provide tools for exam success.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • 1 Research Methods
  • 2 Issues and Debates for AS level
  • 3 Approaches to Psychology
  • 4 CANLI et al
  • 5 Dement and Kleitman
  • 6 Schachter and Singer
  • 7 Andrade
  • 8 BARON-COHEN et al
  • 9 LANEY et al
  • 10 Bandura, Ross and Ross
  • 11 Saavedra and Silverman
  • 12 Pepperberg
  • 13 Milgram
  • 14 Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavain
  • 15 Yamamoto, Humle and Tanaka
  • 16 Exam Centre: AS level
  • 17 Issues and Debates for A level
  • 18 Psychology and Abnormality
  • 19 How to Evaluate: Abnormality
  • 20 Consumer Psychology
  • 21 How to Evaluate: Consumer
  • 22 Psychology and Health
  • 23 How to evaluate: Health
  • 24 Psychology and Organisations
  • 25 How to Evaluate Organisations
  • 26 Exam centre: A level
  • Index
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