Psychology A Level Book 2: The Complete Companion Student Book for Eduqas and WJEC

Psychology A Level Book 2: The Complete Companion Student Book for Eduqas and WJEC

By Cara Flanagan, Katherine Cox, Rhiannon Murray, Jenny Hill, Rob Liddle
US$ 38.99
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Book Description

The Complete Companions for Eduqas/WJEC A Level Psychology Year 2 has been written by experienced Psychology authors and examiners working with market-leading author Cara Flanagan. Packed with essential study and exam preparation features, these student books have been fully revised to address the requirements of this new specification from WJEC Eduqas, including new studies and topics, such as positive Psychology, and extended evaluation of studies. The engaging,
accessible and comprehensive exam-focused Complete Companions approach, now available for the Eduqas specification. Matched to the new specification, ensuring students achieve their full potential. Designed for co-teaching AS and full A Level courses.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Overview of the Eduqas exam
  • Overview of the WJEC exam
  • Past to present – Overview
    • Eduqas Component 1
    • Assumptions applied to explain a variety of behaviours
    • WJEC Unit 1
  • Research methods – Overview
    • Eduqas Component 1
    • WJEC Units 2 and 4
  • Investigating behaviour – Personal investigations
    • Eduqas Component 1
    • WJEC Unit 4
  • Chapter 1 Addictive behaviours
  • Chapter 2Autistic spectrum behaviours
  • Chapter 3 Bullying behaviours
  • Chapter 4 Criminal behaviours
  • Chapter 5 Schizophrenia
  • Chapter 6 Stress
  • Chapter 7 Controversiesin psychology
  • Activity answers
  • References
  • Examiner comments
  • Glossary/Index
  • Back Cover
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