Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Visual Arts Course Companion

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Visual Arts Course Companion

By Jayson Paterson, Simon Poppy, Andrew Vaughan
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Book Description

Strengthen potential in IB Visual Arts. Matched to the updated IB Visual Arts Guide for first examination in 2017, and developed directly with the IB, this essential Course Book breaks down and clarifies all the assessment components of the course. Guiding learners through each assessment task, a range of artwork examples contextualize the exam criteria, reinforcing comprehension and confidence. Build assessment potential enable learners to fully understand and
engage with all the assessment tasks Develop exam strategies equip students with tested means to develop ideas and evaluate their work Drive reflective learning built-in TOK links, questions and discussion points help you fully adopt the IB approach to learning Fully matched to the most recent IB
Visual Guide for first examination 2017

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • TItle Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1 The visual arts journal
    • What is the visual arts journal?
    • Making the visual arts journal a habit
    • Format
    • Using your visual arts journal as a learning tool
    • Linking with the assessed components
  • 2 Formal elements of art
    • What are the formal elements of art?
    • Composition
    • Light
    • Form
    • Space and depth
    • Line
    • Colour
    • Texture
    • Time and motion
    • Materials, process and technique
  • 3 The comparative study
    • What is the comparative study?
    • Making choices
    • What do we mean by culture?
    • How to research
    • Assessment criteria for the comparative study
    • Visiting museums, exhibitions and galleries
    • How to interpret function and purpose
    • What do we mean by context and audience?
    • How to make comparisons
    • How to present your comparative study
    • How to make connections to your own art
  • 4 The process portfolio
    • What is the process portfolio?
    • What are the requirements of the process portfolio?
    • Assessment criteria for the process portfolio
    • Assembling your process portfolio
  • 5 The exhibition
    • What is the exhibition?
    • Starting points
    • Developing ideas and intentions
    • Developing skills and considering art-makingforms
    • Themes, ideas and concepts
    • Sensitive issues/provocative art
    • Academic honesty and the artworks you present
    • The impact of your school, your culture,and your teacher
    • Assessment criteria for the exhibition
    • Selecting the artworks for your exhibition
    • The exhibition
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Recommended reading
  • Index
  • Back Cover
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