The Hidden Kingdom

The Hidden Kingdom

By Ian Beck
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Book Description

A pampered prince who has to give up everything he has ever known. A warrior-like girl who has promised to carry out her duty at any cost. An obedient young servant with a mission to complete and an icy chill in his heart. As ancient demons rise around them and conspire to destroy their world, only these three people can defeat the evil which threatens to engulf them. But to do so they must first find a way to survive in the bitter, snowy lands where they are
banished, and discover how to work together despite their differences. Only then will they be able to raise the secret armies of the hidden kingdom and fight for a new future together.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Prologue
  • Chapter One Osamu, the Prince
  • Chapter Two An Escape
  • Chapter Three Baku, the Apprentice
  • Chapter Four A Glimpse of Heaven
  • Chapter Five Soldiers
  • Chapter Six On The Road West
  • Chapter Seven A Night Story
  • Chapter Eight Baku’s Dream
  • Chapter Nine A Long Walk in the Snow
  • Chapter Ten A Journey
  • Chapter Eleven Shelter
  • Chapter Twelve An Army of Invasion
  • Chapter Thirteen Lissa and the Prince
  • Chapter Fourteen Morning in the Forest
  • Chapter Fifteen A Pursuit
  • Chapter Sixteen Now They Were Three
  • Chapter Seventeen A Shelter
  • Chapter Eighteen Work
  • Chapter Nineteen An Army
  • Chapter Twenty A Rider Returns
  • Chapter Twenty-One The Sword
  • Chapter Twenty-Two A Pursuit
  • Chapter Twenty-Three A Journey
  • Chapter Twenty-Four The Beacon
  • Chapter Twenty-Five The Hidden Kingdom
  • Chapter Twenty-Six The Morning
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven Loss and Death on The Plain
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight The Emissary
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine Wolves
  • Chapter Thirty The Summer at the River
  • Chapter Thirty-One On Earth and in the Heavens Too
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