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Oxford Children's Classics: World of Wonder box set
L. M. Montgomery, Lewis Carroll, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Anna Sewell
Oxford Children's Classics: World of Wonder box set
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A beautiful boxed set containing four of the greatest stories ever told - Anne of Green Gables, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Look-Glass, The Secret Garden, and Black Beauty. These new editions have a fresh and contemporary feel to make the books come alive for today's modern readers. As well as the unabridged text, they also contain masses of bonus features so readers can continue their experience of the story. There are also recommendations for other books, films, and TV shows - classic and contemporary - for readers to try next. The perfect gift for anyone who loves a good story!

Anne of Green Gables
Alice Rose Jennings
Chapter One Mrs Rachel Lynde is Surprised
Chapter Two Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised
Chapter Three Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised
Chapter Four Morning at Green Gables
Chapter Five Anne’s History
Chapter Six Marilla Makes Up Her Mind
Chapter Seven Anne Says Her Prayers
Chapter Eight Anne’s Bringing-up is Begun
Chapter Nine Mrs Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified
Chapter Ten Anne’s Apology
Chapter Eleven Anne’s Impressions of Sunday-School
Chapter Twelve A Solemn Vow and Promise
Chapter Thirteen The Delights of Anticipation
Chapter Fourteen Anne’s Confession
Chapter Fifteen A Tempest in the School Teapot
Chapter Sixteen Diana is Invited to Tea, with Tragic Results
Chapter Seventeen A New Interest in Life
Chapter Eighteen Anne to the Rescue
Chapter Ninteen A Concert, a Catastrophe, and a Confession
Chapter Twenty A Good Imagination Gone Wrong
Chapter Twenty-One A New Departure in Flavourings
Chapter Twenty-Two Anne is Invited Out to Tea
Chapter Twenty-Three Anne comes to Grief in an Affair of Honour
Chapter Twenty-Four Miss Stacy and her Pupils Get Up a Concert
Chapter Twenty-Five Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves
Chapter Twenty-Six The Story Club is Formed
Chapter Twenty-Seven Vanity and Vexation of Spirit
Chapter Twenty-Eight An Unfortunate Lily Maid
Chapter Twenty-Nine An Epoch in Anne’s Life
Chapter Thirty The Queen’s Class is Organized
Chapter Thirty-One Where the Brook and River Meet
Chapter Thirty-Two The Pass List is Out
Chapter Thirty-Three The Hotel Concert
Chapter Thirty-Four A Queen’s Girl
Chapter Thirty-Five The Winter at Queen’s
Chapter Thirty-Six The Glory and the Dream
Chapter Thirty-Seven The Reaper whose Name is Death
Chapter Thirty-Eight The Bend in the Road
Weird and Wonderful Words
Things to think about
Black Beauty
Part One
1 My Early Home
2 The Hunt
3 My Breaking In
4 Birtwick Park
5 A Fair Start
6 Liberty
7 Ginger
8 Ginger’s Story Continued
9 Merrylegs
10 A Talk in the Orchard
11 Plain Speaking
12 A Stormy Day
13 The Devil’s Trade Mark
14 James Howard
15 The Old Ostler
16 The Fire
17 John Manly’s Talk
18 Going for the Doctor
19 Only Ignorance
20 Joe Green
21 The Parting
Part Two
22 Earlshall
23 A Strike for Liberty
24 The Lady Anne
25 Reuben Smith
26 How it Ended
27 Ruined and Going Downhill
28 A Job-horse and his Drivers
29 Cockneys
30 A Thief
31 A Humbug
Part Three
32 A Horse Fair
33 A London Cab Horse
34 An Old War Horse
35 Jerry Barker
36 The Sunday Cab
37 The Golden Rule
38 Dolly and a Real Gentleman
39 Seedy Sam
40 Poor Ginger
41 The Butcher
42 The Election
43 A Friend in Need
44 Old Captain and His Successor
45 Jerry’s New Year
Part Four
46 Jakes and the Lady
47 Hard Times
48 Farmer Thoroughgood and His Grandson Willie
49 My Last Home
Weird and Wonderful Words
Things to think about
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
Wonderland is a Curious Place
Steffan Nicholas
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
1 Down the Rabbit-Hole
2 The Pool of Tears
3 A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale
4 The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill
5 Advice from a Caterpillar
6 Pig and Pepper
7 A Mad Tea-Party
8 The Queen’s Croquet-Ground
9 The Mock Turtle’s Story
10 The Lobster-Quadrille
11 Who Stole the Tarts?
12 Alice’s Evidence
Through the Looking-Glass
1 Looking-Glass House
2 The Garden of Live Flowers
3 Looking-Glass Insects
4 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
5 Wool and Water
6 Humpty Dumpty
7 The Lion and the Unicorn
8 ‘It’s My Own Invention’
9 Queen Alice
10 Shaking
11 Waking
12 Which Dreamed It?
Weird and Wonderful Words
Lewis Carroll
Things to Think About
About the Illustrator
Wild Card Recommendation
The Secret Garden
1 There is No One Left
2 Mistress Mary Quite Contrary
3 Across the Moor
4 Martha
5 The Cry in the Corridor
6 ‘There Was Someone Crying—There Was!’
7 The Key of the Garden
8 The Robin Who Showed the Way
9 The Strangest House Anyone Ever Lived In
10 Dickon
11 The Nest of the Missel Thrush
12 ‘Might I Have a Bit of Earth?’
13 ‘I Am Colin’
14 A Young Rajah
15 Nest Building
16 ‘I Won’t!’ said Mary
17 A Tantrum
18 ‘ Tha’ Munnot Waste No Time’
19 ‘It Has Come!’
20 ‘I Shall Live For Ever—and Ever—and Ever!’
21 Ben Weatherstaff
22 When the Sun Went Down
23 Magic
24 ‘Let Them Laugh’
25 The Curtain
26 ‘It’s Mother!’
27 In the Garden
Weird and Wonderful Words
Things to think about
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