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Waiting for Gonzo
Dave Cousins
Waiting for Gonzo
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Meet Oz . . . he's got a talent for trouble but his heart's always in the right place (well, nearly always). Uprooted from his friends and former life, Oz finds himself stranded in the sleepy village of Slowleigh. When a joke backfires on the first day at his new school, Oz attracts the attention of Isobel Skinner, the school psycho - but that's just the beginning. After causing an accident that puts his mum in hospital, Oz isn't exactly popular at home either. His
older sister's no help, but then she's got a problem of her own . . . one that's growing bigger by the day. Oz knows he's got to put things right, but life isn't that simple, especially when the only people still talking to you are a hobbit-obsessed kid and a voice in your own head! Packed with
action, heart and humour, Waiting for Gonzo takes you for a white-knuckle ride on the Wheel of Destiny as it careers out of control down the Hillside of Inevitability. The question is, do you go down laughing? Or grit your teeth and jump off?

Message to Gonzo
The Beginning G Minus 245
One Doing a Pete Taylor
Two Kecks
Three Dead Frank
Four Tasting Burnt Rubber in the Air
Five Like the Song Says …
Seven Eating Cushion
Eight ‘Like Poking a Wasps’ Nest with a Stick’
Nine Kind of Impressive
Ten Foam Shrimp Alien
Eleven Seriously Scary
Twelve The Three Second Rule
Thirteen ‘Wish me luck’
Fourteen Swimming to the Moon
Fifteen ‘Now That’s what I Call a Disaster’
Sixteen How to Make Friends
Seventeen ‘Did I Miss Something?’
Eighteen ‘So many Choices’
Nineteen A Boy with Blue Hair
Twenty ‘Just Say Thank you And Don’t ask Questions’
Twenty-One The Moment I Realized What an Idiot I’d Been
The Middle G Minus 199
Twenty-Two Some Weird Sign of Affection
Twenty-Three A Peace Offering
Twenty-Four A Whole New Perspective on Things
Twenty-Five ‘You can’t go Straight from the Beatles to Dead Frank’
Twenty-Six The Importance of Being Gonzo
Twenty-Seven ‘You Should Never Kick a Pig’
Twenty-Eight The Life-Sucking Brick of Nonsense
The End G minus 72
Twenty-Nine ‘It’s Like You’ve Got a Whole Other Person in There’
Thirty ‘When did you Get to be so Interesting?’
Thirty-One Way Beyond the Call of Duty
Thirty-Two Something Stupid
Thirty-Three ‘Can you Even do an owl Noise?’
Thirty-Four ‘You’re Either in or Out’
Thirty-Five ‘I’ve Never Been a Bad Guy Before’
Thirty-Six A week on Saturday
Thirty-Seven Worst Case Scenario
Thirty-Eight ‘Just Keeping an Eye on Everything’
Thirty-Nine ‘Time to Man-up and Accept the Consequences’
Forty G
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