Oxford Children's Classics: Kidnapped

Oxford Children's Classics: Kidnapped

By Robert Louis Stevenson
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Book Description

Danger! Shipwreck! Drama! Revenge! Join 17-year-old Davie Balfour as he's betrayed by his uncle, involved in a shipwreck, rescued by wanted rebel Alan Breck, and together they set off across the treacherous highlands on a quest for justice . . . and revenge! Oxford Children's Classics present not only the original and unabridged story of Kidnapped but also help you to discover a whole world of new adventures with an amazing assortment of recommendations and

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Louis Dean
  • Kidnapped
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 I Set off upon my Journey to the House of Shaws
  • Chapter 2 I Come to my Journey’s End
  • Chapter 3 I make Acquaintance of my Uncle
  • Chapter 4 I Run a Great Danger in the House of Shaws
  • Chapter 5 I Go to the Queen’s Ferry
  • Chapter 6 What Befell at the Queen’s Ferry
  • Chapter 7 I Go to Sea in the Brig Covenant of Dysart
  • Chapter 8 The Round-House
  • Chapter 9 The Man with the Belt of Gold
  • Chapter 10 The Siege of the Round-house
  • Chapter 11 The Captain Knuckles Under
  • Chapter 12 I Hear of the ‘Red Fox’
  • Chapter 13 The Loss of the Brig
  • Chapter 14 The Islet
  • Chapter 15 The Lad with the Silver Button through the Isle of Mull
  • Chapter 16 The Lad with the Silver Button Across Morvern
  • Chapter 17 The Death of the Red Fox
  • Chapter 18 I Talk with Alan in the Wood of Lettermore
  • Chapter 19 The House of Fear
  • Chapter 20 The flight in the Heather The Rocks
  • Chapter 21 The Flight in the Heather The Heugh of Corrynakiegh
  • Chapter 22 The Flight in the Heather the Moor
  • Chapter 23 Cluny’s Cage
  • Chapter 24 The Flight in the Heather The Quarrel
  • Chapter 25 In Balquhidder
  • Chapter 26 End of the Flight We Pass the Forth
  • Chapter 27 I Come to Mr Rankeillor
  • Chapter 28 I Go in Quest of My Inheritance
  • Chapter 29 I Come into My Kingdom
  • Chapter 30 Good-Bye
  • Weird and Wonderful Words
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Things to Think About …
  • About the Author
  • Every thing Begins and Ends with a Story
  • Recommendations
  • Quiz
  • Results
  • Wild Card Recommendation
  • Copyright
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