Oxford Literature Companions: Pride and Prejudice

Oxford Literature Companions: Pride and Prejudice

By Annie Fox
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Book Description

Easy to use in the classroom or as a tool for revision, the Oxford Literature Companions provide student-friendly analysis of a range of popular set texts. Each book offers a lively, engaging approach to the text, covering context, language, characters and themes, with clear advice for assessment, examples of questions and annotated sample answers. This guide covers Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Plot and Structure
    • Plot
    • Structure
      • Timeline
  • Context
    • Biography of Jane Austen
    • Historical and cultural context of the novel
      • The Georgian era
      • Women and marriage in Georgian society
      • Money and social class
      • Transport and communication
  • Characters
    • Main characters
      • Elizabeth Bennet
      • The Bennet family
        • Mr Bennet
        • Mrs Bennet
        • Jane Bennet
        • Mary Bennet
        • Catherine Bennet
        • Lydia Bennet
      • Other significant characters
        • Mr Bingley
        • Mr Wickham
        • Reverend William Collins
      • Minor characters
        • Miss Caroline Bingley and Mrs Louisa Hurst
        • Charlotte Lucas
        • Georgiana Darcy
      • Character map
  • Language
    • Narrative voice
    • Direct speech, indirect speech and free indirect speech
    • Irony
  • Themes
    • Love and marriage
    • Money and social class
    • Journeys
    • Appearance and reality
  • Skills and Practice
    • Exam skills
      • Don’t panic
      • Planning your answer
      • Paragraphs
      • Writing your answer
      • What not to do in an exam answer
      • Sample questions
  • Sample answers
    • Sample answer 1
    • Sample answer 2
    • Sample answer 3
    • Sample answer 4
    • Sample answer 5
    • Sample answer 6
  • Glossary
  • Back Cover
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