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Nelson Mathematics for Cambridge International A Level: Pure Mathematics 2 & 3
Linda Bostock, Sue Chandler
Nelson Mathematics for Cambridge International A Level: Pure Mathematics 2 & 3
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The Nelson Mathematics for Cambridge International AS & A Level series is tailored to the needs of A and AS level students of the latest 9709 syllabus. Developed by a team of experienced examiners and international authors, it provides comprehensive coverage for this syllabus and effective preparation for the Cambridge exams. The Nelson Pure Mathematics 2 and 3 for Cambridge International A Level text is designed for students taking the P2 and P3 exam papers. It provides introductions to topics and step-by-step worked examples to aid students in their understanding of the course material. Regular summaries of formulae and key pieces of information help students to revise. Numerous exercises provide opportunities to practice learning and to embed and develop skills. Students are well equipped to reach their full potential, with practice exam papers providing opportunities for effective exam preparation.

Front Cover
P2&3 Contents
1 Algebra
2 Logarithms
3 Exponential and logarithmic functions
4 The modulus function
5 Differentiation 1
Summary 1
6 Trigonometric identities
7 Differentiation of trigonometric functions
8 Implicit and parametric functions
9 Integration 1
10 Numerical solutions of equations
Summary 2
11 Partial fractions and the binomial theorem
12 Integration 2
13 Differential equations
14 Vectors
15 Complex numbers
Summary 3
List of formulae
P2 Sample examination papers
P3 Sample examination papers
P2&3 Answers
Back Cover
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