Oxford University Press
How to Create Great Lessons
Gemma Bott
How to Create Great Lessons
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How to Create Great Lessons provides 100 tools for planning that teachers can adopt in their lessons, each of which has been thoroughly tried and tested in the classroom. For each strategy, the author provides a concise outline, plus guidance on how to implement it, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to extend it further. Each of the 100 strategies is cross-referenced, and along with a helpful index, enables readers to mix and match by moving easily between approaches. The goal throughout is to help busy, hard-pressed teaching professionals to: Save time, by providing a ready-reference to a diverse range of tested lesson planning techniques Increase flexibility and productivity, through drawing on a wide repertoire of lesson options Promote student engagement through active learning techniques. Written by an experienced teacher for other teachers, this Oxford Teaching Guide does what it says on the jacket: it introduces 100 workable, adaptable strategies, to help teachers construct and develo

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Title Page
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How to use this book
1 Back-to-back pairs
2 Bad answer
3 Bingo
4 Board games
5 Call my bluff: a game of definitions
6 Carousel
7 Class debate
8 Classification
9 Concept maps
10 Continuum
11 Cue card film
12 Decision-making exercise
13 Design a test
14 Dominoes
15 Draw a picture
16 Empathy
17 Exemplar answers
18 Find someone who…
19 Give me 5 (6,7,8,…)
20 Glossary page
21 Guess the key term
22 Guess what
23 Hot-seating
24 Information treasure hunt
25 Inquest report
26 Intelligent graffiti
27 Intelligent guesswork
28 Jigsaws
29 Kung Fu
30 Label the diagram
31 Layers of inference
32 Leaflets
33 Living graphs
34 Living photographs
35 Make a display
36 Make a TV show
37 Make your own…
38 Map it
39 Memory game
40 Mental maps
41 Mind movies
42 Model making
43 Most likely
44 News articles
45 Note-taking frames
46 Number sentences
47 Numbered questions
48 Odd one out
49 Only half of it
50 On-site fieldwork
51 Pass the buck
52 Picture essay
53 Picture it
54 Picture storyboards
55 Picture to word
56 Pin it
57 Poem of my learning
58 Press conference
59 Question… answer
60 Race to the keyword
61 Ranking
62 Reading race
63 Remember
64 Respond to marking
65 Review pyramid
66 Role play
67 Roll the dice
68 Round robin
69 Sequence it
70 Silent video
71 Snap
72 Snowballs
73 Social media profile
74 Solve the mystery
75 Speed dating
76 Splat
77 Spot the differences
78 Stand up, sit down
79 Stop-frame animation
80 Students become the teacher
81 SWOT analysis
82 Topic summary
83 Trading questions
84 Triads
85 Trump cards
86 Trump cards
87 User guide
88 Verbal tennis
89 Video competition
90 Webquest
91 What am I?
92 What is it?
93 What would you like to ask me?
94 What would you like to know?
95 Word hexagons
96 Wordscape
97 Would you rather?
98 Write home
99 You choose
You’re hired
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