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Complete Mechanics for Cambridge International AS & A Level
Phillip Crossley, Martin Burgess, Jim Fensom
Science & Math
Complete Mechanics for Cambridge International AS & A Level
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Providing complete syllabus support (9709), this stretching and practice-focused course builds the advanced skills needed for the latest Cambridge assessments and the transition to higher education. Engaging, real world examples make mathematics relevant to real life.

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Title Page
1 Straight-line motion and graphs
1.1 Displacement–time graphs
1.2 Velocity–time graphs
2 Constant-acceleration formulae
2.1 Constant-acceleration formulae
2.2 Vertical motion
3 Variable acceleration
3.1 Using differentiation to describe straight-line motion
3.2 Using integration to describe straight-line motion
3.3 Deriving the constant-acceleration formulae
Maths in real-life
4 Forces and resultants
4.1 Resultants
4.2 Components
4.3 Forces in equilibrium
5 Newton’s laws
5.1 Newton’s laws
5.2 Resolving components of the weight when on a slope
5.3 Multiple forces
5.4 Connected particles
6 Friction
6.1 Rough horizontal surfaces
6.2 Rough inclined plane
Maths in real-life
7 Work and energy
7.1 Work
7.2 Kinetic energy
7.3 Gravitational potential energy
7.4 Conservation of energy
7.5 The work–energy principle
8 Power
8.1 Power as the rate of doing work
8.2 Acceleration and variable resistance
9 Momentum
9.1 Momentum
9.2 Collisions
Maths in real-life
Exam-style paper 4A
Exam-style paper 4B
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