Dumbells of Business

Dumbells of Business

By Proff. O. U. Bojack (Bus. Doc.)
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Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 1 The Plant Cured of Mossbackitis
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 2 The Lurid Lot of the Leaker
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 3 The Self Abnegationist and his Finish
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 4 The Bird Who Berated Business Assn’s
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 5 The Advertising Genius of Squirrelville
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 6 The Salesman Who Became Buyer
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 7 The Pampered Dealer
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 8 The Efficiency Expert
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 9 The Road Rat Who Gave Up Home Comforts
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 10 The Man Who Organized Manufacturers
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 11 The Perpetual Planner
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 12 The Twin-Six Philanthropist
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 13 The Yob Who Let Business Slide
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 14 The Would-Be Sales Promoter
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 15 The Young Satellites of Stallville
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 16 The Benedict Who Wisdomed-Up
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 17 Two Business Baggers of Punkton
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 18 The Picayune Planet
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 19 The Passing of the Buck Passers
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 20 The Executive With The Clerk’s Mind
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 21 The War Winning Patrioteer
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 22 Typical American and Critical American
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 23 When Mental Leech Meets Mental Leech
  • HOT SKETCH NO. 24 The Export Group Grafter
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