Born of the Spirit or Gems from the Book of Life

Born of the Spirit or Gems from the Book of Life

By Zenas Osborne
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • “Born of the Spirit.”
  • Introduction.
  • Dedication.
  • Preface.
  • Table of Contents
  • I. A Translation.
  • II. I Wanted to Swear;
  • III. About My Tobacco.
  • IV. The Plague of Narcotics.
  • V. A Call to the Ministry.
  • VI. A Particular Providence.
  • VII. A Peculiar People.
  • VIII. The Free Methodist Church a Necessity.
  • IX. Dreams and Presentiments.
  • X. Healing Faith.
  • XI. A Double Cure.
  • XII. Justification.
  • XIII. A Direct Route.
  • XIV. Rest, But Not Loiter.
  • XV. A Living Sacrifice.
  • XVI. The Law and the Gospel.
  • XVII. Keep The Sabbath Day Holy.
  • XVIII. Your Fruit Unto Holiness.
  • XIX. Without Natural Affection.
  • XX. Sowing and Reaping.
  • XXI. To Actual Settlers.
  • XXII. The Widow’s Mite.
  • XXIII. Are We Drifting?
  • XXIV. Pap.
  • XXV. Victory.
  • XXVI. Lock Up.
  • XXVII. Success.
  • XXVIII. They Might be a Success.
  • XXIX. Fear, or the Scare-Crow Devil.
  • XXX. Trust.
  • XXXI. Seeing Eye to Eye.
  • XXXII. The Edge Off.
  • XXXIII. The Old Salt-Lick.
  • XXXIV. Be Positive.
  • XXXV. The Dead Line.
  • XXXVII. Pump-Logs.
  • XXXVII. The End.
  • XXXVIII. Conclusion.
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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