Me and Mister P

Me and Mister P

By Maria Farrer, Daniel Rieley
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Book Description

There are times when only a polar bear will do . . . "All I want is a normal family but no, I've ended up with the brother from Weirdsville. Liam is so embarrassing, but Mum and Dad can't see that and give him all the attention. Leaving me with zero! Zilch! A big fat NOTHING! And I'm not really sure how an enormous, funny, clumsy polar bear is going to help with all this, but he was standing on the doorstep, so I had to invite him to stay, didn't I? Well, what
would you have done?" Meet Arthur and his brand new friend, Mister P - the world's most helpful polar bear! Packed with gorgeous illustrations throughout, this story has heart and humour in equal measure and is sure to be a hit with developing readers and as a great book to be read aloud.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Five Reasons why Mister P is the Best Friend to Have:
  • Here’s a Taste of what’s to Come . . .
  • Dedication
  • Title Page
  • Chapter 1 Slam!
  • Chapter 2 Shhhhhhhhh!
  • Chapter 3 Brrrrmmmmmm!
  • Chapter 4 Hissssss!
  • Chapter 5 Slurp!
  • Chapter 6 Tricks
  • Chapter 7 Knots
  • Chapter 8 Snaps
  • Chapter 9 Countdown
  • Chapter 10 Sniff
  • Chapter 11 Hooray!
  • About the Author
  • About the Illustrator
  • Amazing Polar Bears
  • Here are Some other Stories we think You’ll Love . . .
  • Copyright
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