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Language Tree Jamaica 2nd Edition Student's Book 6
Leonie Bennett, Julia Sander
Language Tree Jamaica 2nd Edition Student's Book 6
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Language Tree Jamaica Second Edition provides full coverage of the National Standards
Curriculum (NSC) for primary language arts and follows a thematic approach with
an emphasis on literacy and literature, ensuring students are equipped for life and
learning in the 21st century.
Key features:
Fosters critical thinking by encouraging students to reflect on their learning using
their Learning Journal
Regular group work encourages peer discussion and collaboration, helping to
develop communication skills
Incorporation of NSC ICT attainment targets ensures students can use technology
to learn and work in a digitally-led world
Formative assessment throughout the units and at the end of each theme
provides opportunity to monitor and improve learning
On-page teacher’s notes offer instructions and suggestions on how to apply and
extend activities and how to integrate differentiated instruction in the classroom

Title Page
How to Use this Book
Scope and Sequence
Term 1 Culture and Heritage: Road to Independence
Unit 1 Ballad of ’69 poem
Unit 2 Talking Independence interview
Unit 3 Independence Day story
Unit 4 Jamaica Festival website
Assessment 1 Liberty Hall email and flyer
The Physical Environment: Landforms
Unit 5 Mount Diablo story
Unit 6 The Birthday Outing letter and email
Unit 7 Bush Fire Alert non-fiction
Unit 8 The Earthquake story
Assessment 2 Underwater Volcano is Alive and Kicking! online news
Term 2 Energy and Matter: Light and Sound
Unit 9 Light and Colour information
Unit 10 Afraid of the Dark story
Unit 11 Letter to the Ministry formal letter
Unit 12 Sun is Laughing / Silver poems
Assessment 3 What is Sound? poem and non-fiction
Exploring Science and the Environment: The Human Body System
Unit 13 Kidneys: A Major Organ information
Unit 14 The Fun Run story
Unit 15 Match Report report and non-fiction
Unit 16 A Challenging Life Story story
Assessment 4 Benefits of Sport for Children poem and non-fiction
Term 3 Diversity, Sustainability and Interdependence: In Nature and Society
Unit 17 Back to Africa poem
Unit 18 Co-operation play
Unit 19 No Dirty up Jamaica story
Unit 20 Cultures which Shape Jamaica non-fiction
Assessment 5 Aximu’s Awakening poem
Practice Test
Strategies and Graphic Organisers
RAFTs: Preparation for Writing
Editing Checklist
The Writing Process
Glossary of Grammar Terms
Skills Index
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