Poems by Martin Carter 

Poems by Martin Carter 

By Martin Carter
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Book Description

As a young socialist in the colony of British Guiana, Martin Carter wrote strong, vigorous poems that connect powerfully with the reader. A committed freedom fighter for his people, “welding my flesh to freedom” with his pen, Carter was known as the Poet of Resistance, and today is recognized as one of the great poets of the region, if not the world. The poems that he wrote in jail have a special resonance of challenge, hope and brotherhood as well as outrage, grief and desolation. In later years, after independence had been won but the national vision lost to corrupt racial politics, Carter's work became more meditative, as out of his bitter disappointments he developed his philosophy of the place, the purpose and the possibilities of man.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1950s
  • Not I With This Torn Shirt
  • Do Not Stare At Me
  • Looking At Your Hands
  • Tomorrow And The World
  • Run Shouting Through The Town
  • Listening To The Land
  • Who Walks A Pavement
  • You Are Involved
  • The Kind Eagle
  • The Discovery of Companion
  • For My Son
  • Cartman Of Dayclean
  • Till I Collect
  • No Madness Like This Sanity
  • University Of Hunger
  • I Am No Soldier
  • Death Of A Slave
  • Death Of A Comrade
  • Not Hands Like Mine
  • Letter
  • Weroon Weroon
  • This is The Dark Time My Love
  • I Come From The Nigger Yard 33
  • On The Fourth Night of A Hunger Strike
  • Poems of Shape And Motion:
    • Shape And Motion One
    • Shape And Motion Two
    • Shape And Motion Three
  • Fragment of Memory
  • Words
  • 1960s
  • The Poems Man
  • Jail Me Quickly:
    • Black Friday 1962
    • After One Year
    • What Can A Man Do More?
    • Where Are Free Men?
    • Childhood of A Voice
  • Unwritten Histories of Human Hearts
  • They Say I Am
  • Now There Was One
  • Rain Falls Upward
  • A Mouth is Always Muzzled
  • For Milton Williams
  • 1970s
  • No Easy Thing
  • If It Were Given
  • In A Small City at Dusk
  • My Hand in Yours
  • The Leaves of The Canna Lily
  • O My Companion
  • The Great Dark
  • Only Where Our Footprints End
  • In The When Time
  • For The Students of St Rose’s
  • On A Child Killed By A Motor Car
  • The Child Ran Into The Sea
  • On The Death By Drowning of The Poet,Eric Roach
  • Confound Deliberate Chaos
  • For A Man Who Walked Sideways
  • Proem
  • There is No Riot
  • Bent
  • Our Time
  • I Still Stare
  • Playing Militia
  • As New And As Old (I)
  • As New And As Old (II)
  • Rain Forest
  • Rice
  • Some Kind of Fury
  • Inventor
  • Being Always
  • For Cesar Vallejo (I)
  • For Cesar Vallejo (II)
  • Bastille Day – Georgetown
  • Let Every Child Run Free
  • Faces
  • 1980s
  • For Walter Rodney
  • Four Poems And Demerara Nigger:
    • One: Trees are arranged like mourners&
    • Two: Not so is it done&
    • Three: Withholding rain, I identify&
    • Four: The spared are not the saved&
    • Demerara Nigger
  • Bitter Wood
  • The Conjunction
  • Horses
  • Backcover
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