Caribbean Journal of Strategic and Security Studies: Volume 2.1

Caribbean Journal of Strategic and Security Studies: Volume 2.1

By Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)
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    • Changing Patterns Of Global Power: The Rise Of China And Its Impact On The Caribbean’s Geostrategic Relationship With The USA
      • Captain Sheree Chambers and Ms Farrah Brown
    • Understanding The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea (DPRK) Nuclear Programme: Denuclearisation Not A Policy Option? .......................................................................15 Dr Suzette Haughton
      • Dr Suzette Haughton
    • Venezuela’s Crisis And Its Potential Impact On The Caribbean Going Forward
      • Major Yohann Simpson
    • Wither Caribbean Security In An Uncertain World
      • Captain (Naval) David Chin-Fong
    • The Case For A Caribbean Regional Maritime Security Strategy
      • Professor Anthony Clayton, Rear Admiral Mike Studeman, Commodore Antonette Wemyss-Gorman, Professor Laurence McCabe and Dr. Andrea Clayton
    • An Old Dilemma: The Status Of The Legality Of Humanitarian Intervention
      • Major Tanya Spence
    • Perpetuating The Crisis: The Unconscious Yet Deliberate Efforts To Condemn Future Generations
      • Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, Major Tanya Spence and Captain Sheree Chambers
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