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 Anancy Mek It
Peter-Paul Zahl
Children's Books
Anancy Mek It
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This exciting collection of children's stories are humourous tales of the Caribbean folklore character "Anancy". From beginning to end, these stories are full of humour, suspense and fantasy. The opening story, "How Anancy Came About", sets the stage for exciting reading which continues throughout all 18 stories. Each story captures the fun and essence of growing up in Jamaica.

"Anancy Mek It" is a thoughtful and exciting book, to be enjoyed by children and grownups alike, who revel in the fantasy and mythical characters of the Caribbean's colourful heritage. This book is a wonderful addition to any library.

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1 How Anancy Stories Came About
2 Anancy and Tiger
3 Anancy and Ackee & Saltfish
4 Anancy and Rat
5 Anancy and Mosquito
6 Anancy and the Birds
7 Anancy and Fire
8 Anancy and Mongoose
9 Anancy and Wasp
10 Anancy and Crocodile
11 Anancy and Pattoo
12 Anancy and How Crab Got his Shell
13 Anancy and the Power of Music
14 Anancy and the Young Bull
15 Anancy and Jackass
16 Anancy and the Bull’s Tongue
17 Anancy and Peel-Head Fowl
18 Anancy and Jaguar
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