Jamaica Is In - Sport and Tourism

Jamaica Is In - Sport and Tourism

By Carole Beckford
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Book Description

Jamaica Is In - Sport and Tourism is a collection of articles written over a seven-year period focusing on sport, tourism and sport tourism and how each has evolved in developing countries like Jamaica. The articles feature perspectives that stir thoughts and initiate actions to maximize opportunities for Jamaica as a sport tourism destination. It can be a blue print for other territories.

Table of Contents
  • “Jamaica is in – Sport and Tourism”
  • Author’s Notes
  • Acknowledgements
  • Many Moods of Kingston
  • Thinking Outside the Box – Sport Tourism
  • Sport and the Environment
  • Tennis – A Sport to Help Sport-Tourism
  • Sport Tourism as a Niche Market for Jamaica
  • Sport and Hospitality
  • Major Events (Track and Field) and Planning
  • Before Beijing!
  • Sports in the Summer
  • Sport Tourism and Agriculture
  • Sport and Politics
  • Planning for Major Events
  • Employment and the Sport Industry in
  • Jamaica
  • Invest in Academic Programmes for Sport Development
  • Sport Performance in 2009
  • Sport and the Entertainment Industry
  • Export of Sport Services
  • Sport Tourism Regional Strategy
  • Social Media and Athletes
  • Sport and Budgeting
  • Social Media and the Business of Sport
  • Club Structure and Sport Development in Jamaica
  • The Business of Sport – Jamaica’s Golden Moment
  • Focus on the Sport Tourist – Jamaica
  • Valuable Partnerships in Sport Tourism
  • JAMAICA – A Sporting Destination
  • Volunteering – A Catalyst for Sport Tourism
  • Knowledge Sharing – Key to Sport Development
  • Caribbean Sporting Industry – Redefining the Economic Model
  • PE – A Must for Schools’ Curriculum
  • Regional Integration – Answer to the Business of Sport
  • The Business of Sport – A Driver for Social and Economic Development
  • Whither Sports Tourism?
  • References
  • About Carole Beckford
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