Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite

Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite

By Annie Paul, Kamau Brathwaite
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Ceremonies of the Word
  • 1. Atumpan: Kamau Brathwaite and the Gift of Ancestral Memory
  • 2. The Rhythms of Caribbean Vocal and Oral-Based Texts
  • 3. Keeping Your Word: Contracts, Covenants and Canticles
  • 4. When Form Becomes Substance: Discourse on Discourse in Two Calypsos
  • 5. A Language of Myth
  • Part 2. Jah Music and Dub Elegy: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite and Mikey Smith
  • 6. The Music of Kamau Brathwaite
  • 7. “Travelling Miles”: Jazz in the Making of a West Indian Intellectual
  • 8. Remembering Michael Smith (Mikey, Dub and Me)
  • Part 3. The Sea Is History: Tidalectics, Middle Passages and Migrant Crossings
  • 9. Routes and Roots: Tidalectics in Caribbean Literature
  • 10. Kamau Brathwaite and the Haitian Boat People: Dream Haiti or the Nightmare of the Caribbean Intellectual
  • Part 4. Creolization, Historiography and Subalternity
  • 11. Whose World View Rules? Sublated Contradictions of African and Creole in the Caribbean Historiography of Kamau Brathwaite
  • 12. Kamau Brathwaite and the Creolization of History in the Anglophone Caribbean
  • 13. Creolization, Hybridity, Pluralism: Historical Articulations of Race and Ethnicity
  • 14, The Prose of Creolization: Brathwaite’s The Development of Creole Society and Subaltern Historiography
  • Part 5. Resurrecting the Human Face from the Archive
  • 15. Resisting Representation: Locating Enslaved and Indentured Women’s Voices in the Colonial Caribbean
  • 16. The Links of a Legacy: Figuring the Slave Trade to Jamaica
  • 17. The Arabic Manuscript of Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu of Jamaica, c.1820
  • 18. Religion and Sociopolitical Protest in Jamaica: Alexander Bedward of the Jamaican Native Baptist Free Church, 1889–1921
  • Part 6. Creole Bodies, Dancehall Style: Gender, Sexuality and Representation in Jamaican Popular Culture
  • 19. “Love Punaany Bad”: Negotiating Misogynistic Masculinity in Dancehall Culture
  • 20. Jamaica’s Emerging Tradition in Film: Presenting the Female Body in Dancehall Queen
  • Part 7. Jamaican Identities and Globalization: Citizenship, Subalternity and Cyberspace
  • 21. Citizenship and Subalternity of the Voice within Globalization: Dilemmas of the Public Sphere, Civil Society and Human Rights in the Periphery
  • 22. The Word in Cyberspace: Constructing Jamaican Identity on the Internet
  • Contributors
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