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Child and the Caribbean Imagination
Giselle Rampaul, Geraldine Elizabeth Skeete
Child and the Caribbean Imagination
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In The Child and the Caribbean Imagination, twelve emerging and established scholars in the fields of literature, linguistics and education examine and interrogate the representations, roles and realities of Caribbean children. This multidisciplinary volume explores the experiential, discursive and fictive worlds of the child portrayed and treated variously as subject and object in the region’s oral and scribal literatures, formal classroom settings, and other socio-cultural contexts. Divided into four sections – Discourse and Representation, Unstable Identities, Language Development, and Pedagogy – The Child and the Caribbean Imagination offers breadth and depth in its contribution to much-needed academic scholarship aimed at impacting the lives of and paying homage to children in the Caribbean.

Introduction: Imagining Caribbean Childhoods
1. Towards a Poetics of Childhood
2. The Child as Symbol of “Challenge” in Michael Anthony’s The Year in San Fernando
3. “The Thing Without a Name”
4. Child’s “I” and Other in Olive Senior’s Narratives of Self-Invention
5. “How the Mirror Broke”
6. "What Child Is This?"
7. The Child and the Structure of Creoles, Pidgins and Signed Languages
8. “How Yuh Make a Story?”
9. Black Heart/White Heart
10. Using For the Life of Laetitia to Teach Character Development to Form 3 Special Students
11. “We Supposed to Have Fun”
12. Do Teachers Make Science Learning Fun and Relevant?
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