Current Themes in Social Psychology

Current Themes in Social Psychology

By Derek Chadee, Jason Young
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • Section 1. Social Cognition
    • 1. Attributions as Behaviour Explanations: Towards a New Theory
    • 2. Unrealistic Expectations: Ironic Influences of Expectancy Disconfirmation in Persuasion
    • 3. Behavioural Confirmation as an Origin of Sexual Harassment
  • Section 2. Affective and Motivational Processes
    • 4. A Two-Source Motivation Explanationto the Social Loafing Effect
    • 5. “On the Verge”: A New Paradigm for Understanding Decision-Making about Safer Sex Behaviour
    • 6. Hostile Environments and Stereotype Threats Lead to Derogation of Others: A Case for Self-Image Enhancement?
    • 7. Rethinking How Fear of Crime Is Surveyed: Considering Social Psychological Factors
  • Section 3. Interpersonal Processes
    • 8. The Interpersonal Power Interaction Model: Theoretical, Empirical and Methodological Reflections
    • 9. Examining the Dynamism Dimension of Intergroup Beliefs
    • 10. A Brief Review of Interpersonal Sensitivity: Measuring Accuracy in Perceiving Others
    • 11. Officers as Lie Detectors: Guilty before Charged
  • Section 4. Group and Cultural Processes
    • 12. Fear of Crime Research in the Caribbean: Developing a Social Psychological Framework
    • 13. An Examination of Cultural and Race-Related Variables as Predictors of Black Men’s Psychological Well-Being
    • 14. Singles: Maladjusted or Stigmatized?
    • 15. Antecedents of and Reactions to Emotions in Southeast Serbia: A Comparative Study of Serbs and Romanies
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index
  • Contributors
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