Social Psychological Dynamics

Social Psychological Dynamics

By Derek Chadee, Aleksandra Kostic
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Section 1. Creation of Evil
    • 1. Transforming Good People into Perpetrator sof Evil: Can We Reverse the Process?
  • Section 2. Emotions and Nonverbal Communication
    • 2. Subjective Evaluation of Emotional Experience in Two Cultures: Serbia and Trinidad
    • 3. Visual and Vocal Communication Channels in Emotion Recognition of Messages
    • 4. Assigning Meaning to Nonverbal Cues in Relationships
    • 5. Channelling Charisma Through Face and Body Status Cues
    • 6. Facial Appearance and Personality Judgements
  • Section 3. Family and Adolescent
    • 7. Parent–Child Relationships in African and Indian Caribbean Families: A Social Psychological Assessment
    • 8. Self-Definition in Social Change: Comparison Across Two Generations of Czech Adolescents
    • 9. Adolescent Health in Situations of Contextual Disconnection
    • 10. Social Capital, Motivational Autonomy and Health-Related Behaviour in Canadian and Russian Youth
  • Section 4. Influence of Social Situation
    • 11. Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Values
    • 12. Misperception of Weapons and Other Dangerous Objects: Priming in Racial Stereotype
    • 13. Neighbourhood Disorder, Social Integration and Subjective Well-Being
    • 14. Immigration, Settlement and Policy: Social and Psychological Analyses
    • 15. Social Psychological Antecedents of Burnout: The Role of Dedication, Coping and Social Support
    • 16. Assertive Reporting on Compound and Coordinate Bilinguals: Confirming the Ethnic Affirmation Hypothesis
    • 17. Translating Response Anchors in Cross‑Cultural Research
  • Contributors
  • Index
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