Caribbean Reasonings - After Man, Towards the Human: Critical Essays on Sylvia Wynter

Caribbean Reasonings - After Man, Towards the Human: Critical Essays on Sylvia Wynter

By Anthony Bogues
US$ 9.99
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Book Description

Sylvia Wynter's work is distinctively Caribbean. From her exciting and rigorous interventions on 'folk culture' and its profound meaning for the symbolic universe of Caribbean reality, creative writing and the nature of Caribbean culture, to her present genealogical critique of Western humanism, Wynter has emerged as one of the region's premier cultural and social theorists.

This interdisciplinary collection offers a variety of interpretations of Sylvia Wynter's work and seeks to cover the range of her thought. Her rich source of investigation of some of the compelling questions that currently face humanity makes her not just a major Caribbean figure, but a worldclass

In its explorations of culture, literary theory and philosophy, this volume significantly expands the field of Caribbean intellectual history and will be
useful for courses in Cultural Studies; Caribbean Studies; African-American Studies; Intellectual History and Critical Theory.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Modernity and the ‘Work of History
  • Perceiving Reality in a New Way: Rethinking the Black/White Duality of Our Time
  • Otherness and the Impossible in the Wake of Wynter’s Notion of the ‘After Man’
  • The ‘S’ Word: Sex, Empire and Black Radical Tradition (After Sylvia)
  • After Man, Womens: The Third Sex or Ain’t i a Eunuch
  • Reading Said and Wynter on Liberation
  • Sylvia Wynter’s Hedgehogs: The Challenge for Intellectuals to Create New ‘Forms of Life’ in Pursuit of Freedom
  • Notes on the Current Status of Liminal Categories and the Search for a New Humanism
  • Biocentrism, Neo-Ptolemaicism, and E.O. Wilson’s Consilience: A Contemporary Example of ‘Saving the Phenomenon’ of Man, in the Name of the Human
  • Is the Human a Teleological Suspension of Man? Phenomenological Exploration of Sylvia Wynter’s Fanonian and Biodicean Reflections
  • Wynter and the Transcendental Spaces of Caribbean Thought
  • Legitimizing Africa in Jamaica
  • The Human, Knowledge and the Word: Reflecting on Sylvia Wynter
  • Contributors
  • Index
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