Caribbean Reasonings - The George Lamming Reader: The Aesthetics of Decolonisation

Caribbean Reasonings - The George Lamming Reader: The Aesthetics of Decolonisation

By Anthony Bogues
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Book Description

George Lamming is one of the best known, certainly one of the most highly regarded contemporary writers from the Caribbean. Spanning nearly 60 years and encompassing fiction, poetry and critical essays, Lamming’s writing covers the length and breadth of Caribbean intellectual, cultural, political and literary life. Credited as a part of that group of Caribbean activists who awoke the Caribbean to its identity and more specifically to its cultural identity, his works have focused on finding new political and social identity. Indeed, Lamming was a seminal figure in the Caribbean 20th century intellectual tradition and radical anti-colonial tradition. Lamming is best known for his novels. In the Castle of My Skin and The Emigrants take place in England and are largely autobiographical. Of Age and Innocence and Season of Adventure are set on the fictional Caribbean island of San Cristobal. In Water with Berries, the plot of Shakespeare’s The Tempest is used to unmask the imperfections of West Indian society while his final novel, Natives of My Person, gives account of the voyage of a slave-trading ship on the triangular trade route from Europe to Africa to the New World colonies.

In The Aesthetics of Decolonisation, friend and colleague Anthony Bogues pulls together Lamming’s critical works, some previously published, some given as addresses, lectures and interviews. This is accompanied by critical reflections on Lamming’s work by noted scholars such as Andaiye and Sandra Pouchet Paquet as well as a foreword by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o.

This much needed reader on Lamming and his work examines the history of the Caribbean and the categories which continue to shape and influence Caribbean identity in our contemporary world.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword: Freeing the Imagination: Lamming’s Aesthetics of Decolonisation
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The Aesthetic Quest for an Insurgent Caribbean Intellectual Practice: George Lamming and Caribbean Thought
  • SECTION 1: Language, Politics and Literature (1953–1990)
    • 1. The Negro Writer and His World
    • 2. The Education of Feeling
    • 3. In the Castle of My Skin: Thirty Years After
    • 4. On West Indian Writing
    • 5. Politics and Culture
    • 6. Tribute to a Tragic Jamaican
    • 7. Builders of Our Caribbean House
    • 8. Portrait of a Prime Minister
    • 9. On the Murder of Rodney
    • 10. The Imperial Encirclement
    • 11. C.L.R. James, Evangelist
    • 12. The Honourable Member
    • 13. Nationalism and Nation
    • 14. Labour and the Humanising ofthe Landscape
    • 15. Sovereignty, Mobilisation andPopular Consciousness
    • 16. In Defence of Cultural Sovereignty
  • SECTION 2: Lamming in Conversation
    • 17. ‘A Future They Must Learn’: An Interview by George Kent
    • 18. Martin Carter: A Poet of the Americas: An Interview withStewart Brown*
    • 19. The Aesthetics of Decolonisation Conversation between Anthony Bogues and George Lamming*
  • SECTION 3: Reflective Notes: The Past and Present
    • 20. After a Decade
    • 21. We Mourn Her to Celebrate Example!
    • 22. The Legacy of Eric Williams
    • 23. Caribbean Thought: History, Pedagogy and Archive
    • 24. Reflections on Writing The Pleasures of Exile
  • SECTION 4: Critical Reflections on the Politics, Arts and Aesthetics of George Lamming
    • 25. George Lamming and the Epistemology of Exile: Ways of Seeing, Singularity and Colonialism
    • 26. Lamming’s Critique of Imperialist Discourse
    • 27. The Historic Centrality of Mr Slime: Lamming’s Pursuit of Class Betrayal in Novels and Speeches
    • 28. Postcolonial Negations: George Lamming’s Open Future
    • 29. From Intellectual Workers for Regional Sovereignty to Culture and Sovereignty in the Caribbean and The Sovereignty of the Imagination: The Shifting Groundof a Writer and Public Intellectual
    • 30. Coming, Coming Home – Must be Read
  • SECTION 5: Extract of Novel in Progress: Columbus: A View From the Other Side
    • Columbus – Another View
  • SECTION 6: Annotated Biographies
    • Selected Annotated Biographies and Important Events
  • Contributors
  • Index
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