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Judy C. Kneece, RN, OCN
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Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook, 9th Edition
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The Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook is designed to be given to the individual supporting the patient through the cancer experience.

Covers all aspects of supporting a breast cancer patient - from diagnosis to recovery.

Front Cover
Understanding the Vital Role of Your Support
Table of Contents
About the Author
The Voices of Experience
Dear Support Partner
Chapter 1 What Is a Support Partner?
Chapter 2 The Initial Diagnosis
Chapter 3 Dealing With Your Own Emotional Pain
Chapter 4 Understanding the Impact on the One You Love
Chapter 5 What Do I Do First?
Chapter 6 Helping Children Cope
Chapter 7 Health Insurance and Employment Issues
Chapter 8 Support Groups
Chapter 9 Understanding Breast Cancer
Chapter 10 Breast Cancer Decisions
Chapter 11 Surgical Decisions
Image: Modified Radical Mastectomy
Image: Total, Simple or Prophylactic Mastectomy
Image: Skin-Sparing Mastectomy
Image: Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy
Chapter 12 Reconstructive Surgery
Image: TRAM Flap
Image: Free TRAM Flap
Image: Latissimus Dorsi Flap
Image: SGAP Flap
Image: IGAP Flap
Image: TUG Flap
Image: PAP Flap
Image: Nipple and Areola Reconstruction
Chapter 13 Facing Surgery Together
Chapter 14 Resuming Communications ... What Do I Say?
Chapter 15 Understanding the Pathology Report
Chapter 16 Treatments for Breast Cancer
Chart: Chemotherapy Drugs
Chart: Hormonal and Biological Response Modifier Drugs
Chapter 17 Your Partnership in Recovery
Chapter 18 Sexuality After Breast Cancer
Chapter 19 Future Fertility
Chapter 20 Emotional Adjustment to Breast Cancer
Chapter 21 Managing the Fear of Recurrence
Chapter 22 Shared Insights on Coping
A Final Note . . .
Recommended Reading
Back Cover
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