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Riddle of the Runes
Janina Ramirez
Riddle of the Runes
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Alva rushes through the trees in the dead of night with her sniffer wolf, Fen. Being out alone when there's a kidnapper on the loose is reckless, but if she ever wants to be an investigator like her Uncle Magnus, she'll need to be first to the crime scene. But what Alva discovers raises more questions than it answers, drawing her into a dangerous search for truth, and for treasure.

Front Cover
Title Page
In search of Great Treasure
Hidden in Plain View
Then There Were None
Honouring the Gods
In Search of Gold
Stones from the Sky
The Safety of the Hall
Shine a Light
A Creeping Cold
My Home is my Castle
To Give from Afar
The Viking Alphabet
Viking Glossary
Back Cover
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