Ethnic Constructs in Antiquity
Ton Derks
Ethnic Constructs in Antiquity

This volume explores the theme of ethnicity and ethnogenesis in societies of the ancient world. Its starting point is the current view in the social and historical sciences of ethnicity as a subjective construct that is shaped through interaction with an ethnic 'other'. The 13 essays collected in this volume are based on the analysis of historical, epigraphic and archaeological source material and thematically range from Archaic Greece to Early Mediaeval Western Europe. Despite frequent claims by ethnic groups to the contrary, all ethnic formations are intrinsically unstable and dynamic over time. Much of this dynamism is to be understood in close association with conflict, violence and changing constellations of power. The explicit theoretical framework, together with the wide range of case-studies makes this volume indispensable for historians, archaeologists and social scientists with an interest in the ancient world.

Uit dertien casestudies - van gebieden uiteenlopend van het Archaïsch Griekenland tot het vroegmiddeleeuws West-Europa - blijkt dat etnische identiteiten verbonden zijn met een traditiedragende kern in de samenleving, maar tegelijk onderhevig zijn aan een dynamiek die vaak bepaald wordt door veranderende machtsconfiguraties. Eerder verschenen titels in de Amsterdam Archaeological Studies en meer informatie over de serie kunt u "">hier vinden.

Ethnic expression on the Early Iron Age and early Archaic Greek mainland. Where should we be looking?
The Ionians in the Archaic period. Shifting identities in a changing world
From Athenian identity to European ethnicity – the cultural biography of the myth of Marathon
Multi-ethnicity and ethnic segregation in Hellenistic Babylon
The Galatians in the Roman Empire: historical tradition and ethnic identity in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor
Material culture and plural identity in early Roman Southern Italy
Foundation myths in Roman Palestine. Traditions and reworkings
Ethnic discourses on the frontiers of Roman Africa
Cruptorix and his kind. Talking ethnicity on the middle ground
Hercules and the construction of a Batavian identity in the context of the Roman empire
Ethnic identity in the Roman frontier. The epigraphy of Batavi and other Lower Rhine tribes
Grave goods, ethnicity, and the rhetoric of burial rites in Late Antique Northern Gaul
The early-medieval use of ethnic names from classical antiquity. The case of the Frisians
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