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Redemption Song : Reading the Scripture tor Social Change.
Robert McLean Thompson
Politics & Social Sciences
Redemption Song : Reading the Scripture tor Social Change.
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Jamaica has been an independent sovereign nation for nearly six decades; and yet, the deep legacy of colonialism continues to stifle the development of the small island nation. In Redemption Song, Anglican priest Robert Thompson recasts the project of decolonization and calls for the church to emerge from the shadows of continued silence to voice a new, creolized theology reflecting the lived experiences of the people.
Focusing on the power of scripture, Thompson provocatively explores the need for the established church to critically deconstruct established Euro-American interpretations and move towards a theology that embraces and affirms all people across class and culture. Social transformation, he argues, is possible as the outcome of true engagement by the church with the social agenda to bring equity and justice.

The Rev. Dr. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones
The Most Reverend Dr. John Holder
Anglican Social Witness and the Caribbean
The Search for a New Theological Discourse
The Sociopolitical Possibilities for Transformation
From Hegemony to Hybridity
Reading the Bible for Social Transformation
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