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The Accidental President
Tom McLaughlin
The Accidental President
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On a visit to the US things take a strange turn for 12-year-old Ajay when, completely at random and totally by accident, he is sworn in as the new president.
Well, I guess he can't be any worse than that guy who had the job before him, right? Wrong. It's quite easy for power to go to your head and Ajay, overwhelmed by it all, goes rogue. Soon he's too busy ordering sparkly capes and enforcing the new national spider plan to spot the dastardly plot unfolding right under his nose.

Front Cover
Title Page
1 We Don’t Need No Education
2 Spice Up Your Life
3 Born in the USA
4 Leaving on a Jet Plane
5 Everybody Wants to Run the World
6 American Pie
7 Money, Money, Money
8 Walking Down 5th Avenue
9 I Just Called to Say …
10 Movin’ on up
11 Hey Big Spender
12 Slide Away
13 It’s the End of the World as we know it
14 The Importance of Being Idle
15 Crash, Bang, Wallop
16 We Are the Champions
17 I Bet By With A Little Help From My Friends
18 London Calling
19 Fast Car
20 I Don’t Like Cricket, I Love It
21 Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
22 The Village Green Preservation Society
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