Global Health
Martin Kappas
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Global Health

Human, animal and plant health is a field of work which offers opportunities for inter- and trans-disciplinary research. The whole topic bridges the natural and social sciences. Today, in a world of global environmental change it is widely recognized that human socities and their wellbeing depend on a sustainable equilibrium of ecosystem services and the possibility of cultural adaption to global environmental change. The need to identify and quantify health risks related to global environmental change is now one of the most important challenges of humankind.Describing spatial (geographic, intra/inter-population) and temporal differences in health risks is an urgent task to understand societies' vulnerabilities and pritorities for interventions better. The Göttingen International Health Network (GIHN) is a research and teaching network in relation to this cross-cutting topic. The book provides a collection of articles which contribute to this issue of overriding importance and presents an overview of the GIHN launch event.

Table of contents
1 Editorial: Global Health A challenge for interdisciplinary research
I. Setting the scene
2 Knowledge based approaches to international health: The Eurolife International Health Alliance: Dermot Kelleher
3 The One Health Concept in a development context: Kerstin Wydra
4 Commitments on a global level translating into actions locally: Andrea Holzäpfel
5 Linkages between economic and health outcomes: Options for interventions for better health: Elena Gross and Stephan Klasen
6 Cross-cultural bioethics as an interdisciplinary approach: Julia Inthorn
7 The role of plant health for human health: Elke Pawelzik
8 Inter-disciplinary health approaches for poverty alleviation: Control of neglected zoonoses in developing countries: Anna L. Okello and Susan C. Welburn
9 Arbovirus infections in cattle: Claus-Peter Czerny, Eva Schröer-Merker, Jessica Olbrich, Ulrike Diesterbeck
II. Health risks related to maternal and child mortality – examples from Africa and India
10 Maternal mortality: A consequence of a lack of reverence for life?: Martin Tamcke
11 Risk of maternal mortality: Indian scenario: Anjali Radkar
12 Neonatal infection in resource-limited countries: Mercy J. Newman, Christabel C. Enweronu-Laryae and Nicholas T.K.D. Dayie
13 Reducing child and maternal undernutrition in the context of food security programmes – ongoing activities of FAO: Hartwig de Haen
14 Global policies and local implementation: maternal mortality in rural India: Kim Gutschow and Padma Dolma
15 Research as a tool to tackle maternal health problems in resource-poor settings: Azucena Bardají
16 The agriculture and health program of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), a CGIAR institution in Africa: Victor M. Manyong., Bussie Maziya-Dixon, Ranajit Bandyopadhyay and Rousseau Djouaka
III. Specific initiatives and research topics under the vision of GIHN
17 Aspergillosis : a major challenge for public health: Bharat Singh, Gainda L. Sharma, Seema Singh, Utz Reichard, Michael Oellerich, Dharam P. Bhadoria and Abdul R. Asif
18 IGHEP – a partnership on health education between Indonesian and German universities: Ichsan, Marut Tangwattanachuleeporn, Abu Tholib Aman, M. Nasrum Massi, Mohamad Yani, Syrhul, Christiane Hennecke, Natalie Diffloth, Uwe Groß and IGHEP members
19 Usefulness of microbiological laboratories in a rural African setting: Uwe Groß, Marco Schulze, August Stich and Ortrud Zimmermann
20 Rapid diagnostics for resource-poor settings: Manfred Weidmann and Frank T. Hufert
21 Urinary tract infections in Tanzania: diagnosis, pathogens and susceptibility pattern: Stephen E. Mshana
22 Rapid screening and mapping of urinary schistosomiasis prevalence at the village scale in the Sourou Valley, Burkina Faso: Adapting the school-base questionnaire method: Issouf Traoré, Ali Sié, Boubacar Coulibaly, Maurice Yé, Daniel Karthe and Martin Kappas
23 Schistosomiasis around the Lake Victoria, Northwest Tanzania: Humphrey D. Mazigo and Martin Kappas
24 Malaria in Kossi Province, Burkina Faso: An investigation of spatio-temporal incidence pattern: Daniel Karthe, Issouf Traoré, Ali Sié and Martin Kappas
25 Anemia – What has to be investigated in an African setting?: Silke Kietz, Martina Lange, Ingrid Kühnle and Max Lakomek
26 Two weeks cataract surgery in rural Ethiopia: Jörgen Petersen
27 Ultrasonography at a rural district hospital in sub-Saharan Africa – a mixed blessing?: Werner Stein
28 Medical geography and travel-related health risks in overseas tourism: Daniel Karthe and Tobias Reeh
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