A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics, Volume II
David J. Raymond
Science & Math
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics, Volume II

This nontraditional text arose from the conviction that science and engineering students would benefit from an introductory course which covers all of physics from a modern point of view. The text takes the perspective of a modern particle physicist and is based more on wave dynamics and relativity than on classical mechanics. The subject matter is split into two volumes of twelve chapters each. This is Volume 2, which covers:

  • Gravity

  • A treatment of electromagnetism which builds on relativity

  • Atomic, nuclear, and particle physics

  • Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics

The result is a conceptually challenging but mathematically simple text which can be covered in two semesters or three quarters without omitting any content. Such a course has been offered for over ten years at New Mexico Tech to incoming physics majors and other interested students who are well prepared in high school physics and mathematics

Paper and downloadable versions of both volumes of this text may be purchased from the New Mexico Tech Press. The publisher will donate a portion of sales to New Mexico Tech for scholarships. Volume I is also available.

Chapter 13Newton’s Law of Gravitation
Chapter 14Forces in Relativity
Chapter 15Electromagnetic Forces
Chapter 16Generation of Electromagnetic Fields
Chapter 17Capacitors, Inductors, and Resistors
Chapter 18Measuring the Very Small
Chapter 19Atoms
Chapter 20The Standard Model
Chapter 21Atomic Nuclei
Chapter 22Heat, Temperature, and Friction
Chapter 23Entropy
Chapter 24The Ideal Gas and Heat Engines
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