Readings in Database Systems, Fifth Edition

Readings in Database Systems, Fifth Edition

By Peter Bailis (editor)
Book Description

Readings in Database Systems (commonly known as the "Red Book") has offered readers an opinionated take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management since 1988. This is the Fifth Edition of the Red Book — the first in over ten years. 

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Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Background Introduced by Michael Stonebraker
  • Traditional RDBMS Systems Introduced by Michael Stonebraker
  • Techniques Everyone Should Know Introduced by Peter Bailis
  • New DBMS Architectures Introduced by Michael Stonebraker
  • Large-Scale Dataflow Engines Introduced by Peter Bailis
  • Weak Isolation and Distribution Introduced by Peter Bailis
  • Query Optimization Introduced by Joe Hellerstein
  • Interactive Analytics Introduced by Joe Hellerstein
  • Languages Introduced by Joe Hellerstein
  • Web Data Introduced by Peter Bailis
  • A Biased Take on a Moving Target: Complex Analytics by Michael Stonebraker
  • A Biased Take on a Moving Target: Data Integration by Michael Stonebraker
  • List of All Readings
  • References
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